Optimism reveals when Bedrock will upgrade: Here’s what changes


  • Optimism revealed that the Bedrock upgrade will hit the mainnet in a few weeks.
  • Bedrock is set up to improve the security and resilience of Optimism Bridge.
  • The Optimism mainnet service will be down for 2-4 hours on the day of the upgrade.

Ethereum Layer 2 sizing solutions have come a long way in recent years. Optimism is one of the most successful and popular L2s, with billions of dollars in TVL and a strong community.

But optimism is set to get even more technologically efficient with the Bedrock update in the next few weeks.

Optimism reveals when Bedrock will be upgraded

Optimism (OP) has announced the long-awaited Bedrock upgrade date.

The Optimism Foundation said on Monday that the Bedrock upgrade will hit the Optimism mainnet on June 6, 2023, at 16:00 UTC. On the day of the upgrade, Optimism will stop transactions, deposits and withdrawals for 2-4 hours, and the Optimism mainnet will not advance.

But what will Bedrock’s upgrade change to optimism?

Security, speed and other improvements

Bedrock is the first major protocol upgrade that Optimism has done DAO vote to pass. According to optimism, the new upgrade will make a series of improvements.

“Bedrock will improve the security and resilience of the OP Mainnet bridge. Bedrock is designed with the most minimal diff on Ethereum possible. Ethereum equivalence + minimized complexity = less room for bugs, easier for ecosystem devs to contribute.”

The optimist also added that Bedrock is “paving the way for Superchain, enabling more and more new OP-chains like Base.”

OP is down 3% in the last 24 hours. It is currently trading at $1.62, according to data From CoinGecko.

Optimism is the second largest on Ethereum Layer 2 Sizing solution. According to L2beat data, Optimism has $1.9 billion in total value locked (TVL) and has a market share of 19.52%.

on the flip side

  • Optimism is set to unlock more than 154 million OP coins, or 3.6% of the total supply, in two weeks. This is set to lower OP’s price significantly.

Why should you bother

Optimism is one of the most important and widely used Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions. Optimism becoming safer and more resilient is a positive factor in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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