Overlooked options for your Week 11 lineup

Rashad Abyad and Cole dun It came through to us last week, if you’re willing to accept them as fantasy sleepers. Your mileage will vary. We said all the time, sleeper is a vague term. I still think that Pat Freermuth A breakthrough coming, though, the Saints’ seam coverage kept him in Week 10.

There is no right or wrong way to accommodate this column. You can use it to direct start / sit down, or prop stage prop. You’ll probably add someone to your list in order to dig deeper – we’ve got a filter that fits this version – but won’t start it this week. Maybe you’ll get some DFS intel from the widget. It’s up to you. Trader’s choice.

We are in week 11.

You get it, it’s Isiah Pacheco Week in Kansas City. It ran well last week, the Chargers stall out bad, and the Chiefs seem to have soured Clyde Edwards Heller. Imaginary projection becomes a lot simpler when the background area can be reduced from three to two.

But Pacheco is a bit too popular to be in our sleeper column (though you’re welcome to start with). Perhaps we should say a good word about McKinnon.

While Pacheco is overlooked in the passing game (13 yards all year), McKinnon is easy there. McKinnon caught 6-of-8 targets for 56 yards last week, and had a useful 6-40-0 receiving streak in the previous game. McKinnon’s windfall share is unlikely to rise above 50 percent, but when he’s on the field, there’s a good chance he’ll be part of the play.

The Chiefs injury report requires close scrutiny this week. A few receivers didn’t practice on Wednesday, which could mean more McKinnon this weekend. Then again, McKinnon has a sore hamstring and shoulder, though he did some limited practice in Wednesday’s session. You’ll want to examine this situation before you commit to any of the Kansas City corners. Just be prepared When the Chiefs are in a hurry or a must-have situation, McKinnon is the linebacker who best fits that goal.

Jerick McKinnon's passing role in Kansas City makes him a viable fantasy play.  (Photo by Scott Winters/Aicon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jerick McKinnon’s passing role in Kansas City makes him a viable fantasy play. (Photo by Scott Winters/Aicon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With little fanfare, the 2022 Patriots have put together a solid defense. Classified 3rd in Defensive DVOA, and the second against the pass. New England’s stoppages were below average, but overall that’s no big deal. Don’t chase rabbitsElephants will kill you.

Of course, when opponents enter the red zone, another problem arises. Pats often lose to the tight end.

Pat Freermuth, Mark Andrews (two), Josh Oliver And the Robert Tonyan They’re all on the Patriots, an interesting roster of characters. And the 6-79-2 Conklin had a side in the previous Patriots-Jets matchup. I see, it’s troubling to associate yourself with her Zack Wilson. And you’d think the Patriots would be sure not to let Conklin fool them again, but they have other issues – like Garrett Wilson tormenting them on deeper ways. On a tight, messy weekend – fantasy directors just lost Dallas Goedert And the Zak Ertz Conklin makes sense as a temporary option.

The wide receiver board is frustrating in Week 11. We just lost cooper cupand a set of standby auto-start receivers (Christian KirkDK Metcalfe Tyler LockettAnd the Terek HillAnd the Jaylen WaddellAnd the Mike EvansAnd the Chris Goodwin). The fantasy directors will have to do some uncomfortable throws on the wing this weekend.

Perhaps Collins could be the correct answer.

Although Collins scored a touchdown last week, no one overall has thrown a showing in a game of five catches and 49 yards. But Collins saw a team-high 10 goals, while being an unhappy teammate Brandine cooks He had seven, and a streak of 4-37-0. And notice Washington’s defense is a unit of suppression – He’s stingy against runs (2nd in DVOA) but drops a pass (20th in DVOA). Collins may not have smashing potential, but the stock is pointing in the right direction. And the Davis Mills He was surprisingly qualified in the respectable loss at the Giants last week.


The Saints considered changing quarterbacks this week before deciding to stick with it Andy Dalton. Perhaps they are just postponing the inevitable. Dalton hasn’t been sharp in recent weeks, and his next big mistake could result in a call to the bullpen. Maybe the Rams are bothering Dalton this week, or maybe next week will come against the Niners. I don’t see how a veteran could have run that gauntlet unscathed.

Of course Winston sets his own limits on the table, but he’s seven years younger than Dalton and generally more eager to push the ball down the court. Perhaps Chris Olaf’s managers would prefer to switch to Winston. Alvin Camara Directors, not so much.

If you play in the quarterback shape, Dalton and Winston probably won’t be a direct part of your life. But if you need many QBs in your league, it might be a good time to hide Winston. At some point, the Saints may also play a younger quarterback and see if he offers any upside in the future.

dolphin or Seahawks Daylight savings time, week 12 forecast

Obviously, Miami and Seattle can’t help you bid farewell, but the Dolphins host Houston next week and the Seahawks will welcome the Raiders. If these sound like broadcast options you might be interested in in week 12, consider cutting the line and hiding them for now.

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