Overwatch 1 will be permanently closed 27 hours before Overwatch 2 launches

PSA: Blizzard has begun sharing important details about the progress of Overwatch 2’s content ahead of its launch next month as it replaces the original game. Current Overwatch players should note how long they have left to enjoy FPS multiplayer before Blizzard discontinues it.

Those who own their first Overwatch game can’t play it until the free version launches on October 4. This week, Blizzard Tell Eurogamer says it will take the first offline game about 27 hours before making Overwatch 2 playable, which could be October 2 or October 3, depending on the time zone. Sometime before that time, Blizzard will give players a clear timeline and checklist of steps to seamlessly migrate their games.

Existing Overwatch owners can preload Overwatch 2 before it launches while Blizzard migrates things on the back-end server. New players will have to wait until launch day to download Overwatch 2.

Snow storm too explained Overwatch 2’s battle pass system this week, covering how players will unlock new playable characters and other content. When Season 1 begins October 4, everyone gets instant access to the characters Junker Queen and Sojourn. Players can unlock other content in the Season 1 Battle Pass – including the new support character Kiriko – simply by playing the game without spending any money.

Players who purchase the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass for 1,000 Overwatch Coins ($10) instantly unlock Kiriko and can earn additional cosmetic items with a 20% XP increase. Overwatch 1 owners also get Kiriko right away along with a few other items.

The second season will also introduce a new character, but subsequent chapters will alternate in adding maps and characters. Season 3 will introduce a new map, Season 4 will introduce a new character, and so on. Those who start playing Overwatch 2 during later seasons can either purchase content from previous seasons or unlock it through special challenges.

Players cannot use new characters in competitive modes for the first few weeks after they are introduced. Blizzard hopes this decision will give time to analyze how players are using the new additions before properly balancing them for competitive play.

The paid PvE portion of Overwatch 2 is still a mystery, but Blizzard plans to reveal it next year.

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