Pac-12 Commish explains why the UCLA-Big Ten move should be banned, per report

The University of California Board of Regents met again Thursday to discuss University of California‘s Departure from Pac-12 to me Join Big Ten Together with USC in 2024.

The board specifically discussed whether They should block UCLA’s move From Pac 12. UCLA reportedly did not inform the board of directors prior to the decision announced on June 30. California Governor Gavin Newsom previously expressed His disappointment at UCSD’s lack of transparency.

One element became the focus of Thursday’s meeting: a message from Pac-12 Commissioner George Klyavkov.

New York times He provided details of Kliavkoff’s letter, in which the commissioner explained that UCLA “did not fully consider the consequences of their transition.”

UCLA’s reason for this move was based on Financial problems of the sports department. Athletics director Martin Garmond said the department had “owed a lot of debt” before the decision to join the Big Ten.

However, Kliavkoff detailed some examples of why UCLA’s move isn’t providing financial aid to the school as much as they think. First, UCLA will have to charter more planes in the Big Ten because their opponents will be farther away, even on the East Coast.

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