Pep Guardiola praised Erling Haaland after Manchester derby hat-trick

Pep Guardiola praised attacking star Erling Haaland after a hat-trick in the Manchester derby, highlighting the player’s work ethic as particularly impressive.

Haaland got three out of six for Manchester City Defeat city rivals Manchester United On Sunday, which means he has now scored a hat-trick in three consecutive games at the Etihad Stadium.

After Sunday’s win, coach Pep Guardiola was quick to praise the striker’s outrageously brilliant start to his Premier League career, saying: “The numbers speak for themselves. He’s done this before here. It’s not our way. We always try to help him in our environment. We have that feeling.” Amazingly, he always seems very hungry and competitive.

“The numbers are frankly frightening.

“Of course, the quality we have at his side helps him score goals. But what he did, I didn’t teach him once. When the ball is right, and he attacks the box, how he moves behind the center back out of the way of movement, he has an incredible instinct that the ball will get there and come From his mother and father.He was born with that and [we] Just help him achieve more goals.

“What they did today, Erling did in Norway, Austria and Germany, that’s the reality.”

Guardiola was also keen to praise the striker’s attitude and work ethic: he came and realized: “These guys, my teammates, run like an animal and I have to do that too.”

“What I love about the latter part of the game is that he is participating. He said: ‘I prefer to touch the ball five times and score five goals.’ I don’t like it, I want him to touch the ball more and more, so he has become a footballer who scores goals. I like that he is more involved in situations. But don’t forget that his biggest talent is putting the ball in the net.”

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