PEPE Fans Mass Report Coinbase to the SEC; Exchange apologizes


  • PEPE fans have branded the boycott trends as #DELETECOINBASE.
  • Coinbase’s chief attorney issues an apology on Twitter.
  • PEPE Token is down 32% in one day, dropping out of the top 50.

The second largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Facing massive backlash from PEPE memecoin fans. The coordinated attack on Coinbase and the company’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, was launched when labeled exchange Pepe The Frog is a “hate symbol”, purported to represent far-right extremist movements, associated with racist, sexist, and homophobic cults.

Naturally, this perspective angered PEPE owners on Twitter. Shortly after the newsletter was released, a group of $PEPE holders organized a coordinated attack against them Brian Armstrong. After a wave of memes portraying Brian Armstrong as Colorful clown With a big red nose, the $PEPE community.

Indeed, after numerous verbal threats and Severe cyberbullying From the CEO of Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange’s chief attorney has come up with a heartfelt apology to the energetic and ambitious community, however, not without the help of mass reporting on Coinbase to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Pepe Alert: Delete Coinbase or PEPE List

this friday, Twitter encryption They are marked with popular hashtags like #DELETECOINBASEAnd #LISTPEPE And #PEPEISLOVE. The broad community got their point across, as publicly traded Coinbase stock is down 3.66% since the scandalous newsletter surprisingly called PEPE a symbol of hate.

At the time of publication, Pepe (PEPE) cryptocurrency is trading at #79 At $0.00000129according Queen Gekko. With a 32% downtrend in the last 24 hours, $PEPE slid 30 positions lower. Currently, the fast-rising memecoin has a market cap of $544 million, which has been halved since then. Binance List.

on the flip side

  • Despite the apology, Coinbase did not list $PEPE and made no promises regarding listing the toad-themed memecoin.

Why should you bother

PEPE has quickly emerged as a new memecoin platform with a very large community.

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