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Samsung Galaxy S23 Colors Leaked Press Renders

Samsung To announce its latest Galaxy S phone In Unpacked on February 1. Expect three different models, just like last year. For those who need a refresher, that means you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. We already know a fair deal about what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S23 family, including what Galaxy S23 colors we can expect. if Leaked press progress And other rumors are accurate, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will launch in the following four colors: Phantom Black, Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac, and Botanic Green. Remember that these are not official names and are subject to change.

Samsung Galaxy S23 colors: more consistency across models this time around?

samsung galaxy s23 colors

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S22 family was a bit confusing when it came to color choices. The Galaxy S22 and S22Plus are offered in rose gold, graphite, green, phantom black, and phantom white — plus exclusive colors found only with certain carriers and regions: cream, sky blue, and violet. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra They had the last three colors and a burgundy option as the main option along with regional/carrier options of graphite, sky blue, and red.

Samsung will likely have some surprising colors, but the four colors we’ve provided appear to be available on all three Galaxy S23 models this time around.

Phantom Black

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Black

Samsung’s Phantom Black returns but it’s not quite the same as last year’s Phantom Black. This particular shade of black looks rather muted, almost gray. You might be a little disappointed if you prefer a more vibrant shade of black. Maybe he’ll shine a little more in the actual hands-on photos? However, it is not a bad color and probably one of the four best options.

cotton flower

Samsung galaxy s23 plus cream

This is not the pure white shade Samsung gave us last year, which was known as Phantom White. The color choice of the new cotton flower is creamier or off-white than true white. Previous rumors suggested that we might see beige as a color option, but it’s possible that this one was referring to cotton flower. While this particular shade is a bit whiter than beige, it’s still pretty close. Honestly, I really like bright white, especially since vibrant white tends to be very popular with other phone manufacturers.

Hazy night

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Lilac

Misty Lilac is basically a shade of pink. We’ve seen this appear in a lot of renders and leaks and on all three models. The shade is a bit lighter than the rose gold option on the S22. As we’ve seen with all the colors, it’s also very muted and subdued. Samsung clearly decided that the S23 series should be more professional and less colorful. Was that a good thing or a downgrade? Honestly, it’s up to your personal preference.

green vegan

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Green

I really liked the green color of the Galaxy S22, but I’m less enthusiastic about Botanic Green. The shade’s vibrancy really drew me in, especially because it was primarily a forest green (one of my favorites). The new Botanic Green trades in this polish and shine for a subtler, lighter green. It is almost more gray and green to my eyes. On the bright side, this is the most recognizable color. If you like eye-catching color options, this is probably the best of the four.

What about other exclusive colors, will the S23 series have any other colors?

the Galaxy S22 series It had a few special exclusive colors that stood out a bit more including a lighter shade of blue and a unique red that had an almost orange-like color to it. These models were not available in every country, and were usually only offered by some carriers. We haven’t yet seen any of these colors leak with any real confidence, but we’d be shocked if Samsung didn’t offer more options. For what it’s worth, rumor has it that we could still see Phantom White and possibly rose gold. Trusted guide Ahmed Qweider Late last year, we could very well see at least a few exclusives, including the possibility of Phantom Red.

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