Player ratings as Blues reach the semi-finals of the Continental Cup

Chelsea deservedly qualified for the semi-finals of the Continental Cup with a 3-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Brisbane Road on Wednesday night.

Having had their match abandoned after just six minutes against Liverpool last time out, Chelsea received the full 90 in east London – but the match was as good as it concluded after 68 minutes thanks to goals from Erin Cuthbert and Fran Kirby.

Sam Kerr added a third four minutes from time, before Drew Spence scored a stunning consolation in stoppage time against her former club.

The first hole of a hotly contested first half fell to Yves Perissette, who hit a narrow effort after pounding forward from right back.

The hosts quickly grew to the game and eventually gave themselves a better account than they had at Stamford Bridge two months earlier, despite a near-identical result.

Celine Bizet hit the gloves of Zisira Mosovic after a strong series, and the right wing remained a source of danger for Tottenham. Bethany England was sent out to run at the back after developing plays from Evelina Sumanen and Mana Iwabuchi, but Rosella couldn’t pick where as she cut inside and charged towards the goal.

Chelsea started to find their rhythm as the half progressed. Lauren James fired straight at Tina-Riikka Korpela after a flowing blues move, with Kerr in her core, sending Guro Reiten wide with a delicious flick.

Then Kerr and James were involved, this time in a remarkable breakaway with Chelsea, with the latter coming close to breaking the deadlock. Cuthbert sent Kerr wide with a fine cross, and the Australian found James in acres of space with a clever substitution of play. James saw her effort veer off a narrow range.

The goal was coming, and Chelsea deservedly opened the scoring seven minutes before half-time. Cuthbert made her way into the box after being found by Reiten, and her low effort swept into Korpela’s side to give the visitors a narrow half-time lead.

Spurs started the second half brightly as they looked for an equaliser, Spence coming close to scoring after being picked off by a determined Bizet. However, it shot wide.

Substitute Kirby put the game away from Spurs in the 68th minute. Millie Bright’s brilliant turn-in found James, who lunged away from Kerys Harrop before squaring it in to Kirby. The Chelsea striker expertly found the corner kick with a first-time finish – just eight minutes after entering the fray.

Kerr should have added the third goal after being superbly played by Kirby, but Corbella came out quickly to thwart the Chelsea striker. Kerr scored her goal four minutes from time after being found by Johanna Retting-Canried after a quick free-kick.

Spence did score against her former club in stoppage time with a superb strike from distance, but that would only come as a consolation and Chelsea’s qualification to the semi-finals was comfortably assured.

Bethany England

Bethany started for England against former club Chelsea/Julian Finney/Getty Images

GK: Tinja-Riikka Korpela – 6/10 – He stuck to efforts by Kankovic, James and Kerr in the first half, and made really good stops to keep Kerr out in the second half.

RWB: Celin Bizet – 6/10 – Bomb forward whenever possible and play like a striker when Tottenham are in possession. Fired into Mosović’s hand within 15 minutes after a fast forward burst. He beat Carter and passed for Spence to get a really good chance for Tottenham in the second half. He looked like one of Spurs’ most dangerous players, but was not used enough in the final third.

Centre-back: Amy Turner – 5/10 – A gritty header pulled Carter away in the second half, but was stretched out by three ahead of Chelsea.

Center back: Molly Bartrip – 5/10 – It filtered well to prevent James from breaking through on goal in the second half. He struggled to deal with Kerr’s runs in the back.

Central defender: Shelena Zadorski – 5/10 – He wins a lot in the air but in the end finishes second against the feared Chelsea attacking line.

Left-back: Kerys Harrop – 5/10 – He advanced frequently in the first half. He had a hard time against James James, and it was all knocked down by the Chelsea striker for the second goal.

RM: Mana Iwabuchi – 7/10 – He has been at the center of many of Tottenham’s more positive moves, linking up well with Sumanen and where deep in Chelsea’s half. A couple of nice passes in the back – a really promising start.

CM: Evelina Sumanen – 6/10 – He combined well with Iwabuchi before dismissing England in one of Spurs’ most promising first-half moves. Neat and tidy in possession.

CM: Drew Spence – 6/10 – He made an important interception to stop Chelsea’s positive move in the first half inside the Tottenham area. Wide fired early in the second. On the score sheet in injury time.

Left midfielder: Rosella Ain – 5/10 – Largely on the sidelines of the proceedings, unable to have a significant impact on the game.

Forward: Bethany England – 6/10 – She turned her heart around, running through the channels and almost picking off Ayane in one of her team’s most promising forays into forward in the first half. She didn’t really have a clear vision of the goal herself.

SUB: Chioma Ubogaga (58 minutes for Iwabuchi) – 5/10

SUB: Angharad James (83′ by Summanen) – N/A

Millie Bright, Bethany England

Millie Bright on the ball for Chelsea/Julian Finney/GettyImages

GK: Zisera Mosovic – 6/10 – He was held low by Bizet in the first half, lifted a cross and fell low to dismiss Turner.

Right-back: Eve Perisset – 7/10 – A tight effort flashed in the first half and progressed well. Defensive solid.

Centre-back: Miley Bright – 8/10 – Play has been shuffled around well on a number of occasions – including in the run-up to Chelsea’s second game, finding James’ feet with his trademark cross.

Centre-back: Kadisha Buchanan – 6/10 – Defensively seldom tested, steadfast and composed.

Left-back: Jess Carter – 6/10 – Beaten by Bizet on several occasions. He switched to right back for the last 20 minutes.

CM: Sophie Ingle – 6/10 – Neat and tidy without igniting the game. It was replaced an hour later.

CM: Erin Cuthbert – 7/10 – He sent Kerr wide with a fine cross in the first half, before opening the scoring with a low kick.

Midfielder: Jelana Kankovic – 7/10 – Fired into the arms of Corbella from range in the first half. At the heart of Chelsea’s number of positive moves with their pinpoint, checking passing. It was replaced an hour later.

RW: Lauren James – 8/10 – Efforts in the hands of Korbela fired wide and hard in the first half. He lunged past Harrop and cleverly picked Kirby to finish second to Chelsea. constant threat.

Forward: Sam Kerr – 8/10 – He set up a handful of promising first-half openers for Chelsea with a brilliant flick to Reiten and a clever switch of play to James. She directed her first look into the arms of Corbella in the first half, before scoring at the end of the second period.

Left back: Guru Riten – 7/10 – He juggled Cuthbert in Chelsea’s opener, dispatching them again soon after with a superb back-heel. Lively and creative.

SUB: Fran Kirby (60 min for Kankovic) – 8/10 – She hit her second goal with a really good effort the first time around.

SUB: Jesse Fleming (60 minutes to Ingle) – 6/10

SUB: Joanna Retting-Canried (76 min to Reiten) – 6/10

SUB: Niamh Charles (86 min for Perisset) – N/A

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