Player ratings like the blues are easy to win at stamford bridge

Chelsea celebrated Emma Hayes’ return to the dugout in emphatic style on Saturday as they managed a comfortable 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in front of more than 38,000 fans at Stamford Bridge.

Hayes was absent from the touchline for six weeks after undergoing an emergency hysterectomy. Her team celebrated her comeback by rising to the top of the WSL table thanks to a strong first half performance, with goals from Sam Kerr, Erin Cuthbert and Guro Reiten to see the Blues win.

The Spurs have a history of disappointing the Big Four at the World Series of Poker, but have tended to struggle when playing in historic matches on major courts in recent months. They fell behind after just 12 minutes, Kerr shrugging off a sliding tackle by Shelena Zadorski and firing low past a sea of ​​Spurs bodies and into the bottom corner.

Ashley Neville called Anne-Kathine Berger into action for the first time after being sent off by Eve Perissette, but her long-distance curling effort did well – and that was as good as it was for Spurs in the first half.

Cuthbert added Chelsea’s second goal after 26 minutes. Lauren James’ corner kick drifted all the way to the Scotland international on the edge of the Tottenham box, controlling the ball with her chest before volleying a half-volley into the top corner.

James was involved again as the Blues hit three before the break went off. Striker Asmita Alli turned Neville inside out, before appearing to be clipped by the latter as she entered the penalty area. Ritten emphatically took the subsequent penalty kick.

Chelsea continued to dominate in the second half, but the intensity subsided slightly with the result, which seemed to be a formality. Jess Nas created an opportunity for Tottenham after going past Praet and whizzing in a cross from the right, while James narrowly fired the Blues from distance. The WSL title race is already on.

Guru Ritn

Chelsea were tough against Tottenham/Clive Rose/Getty Images

GK: Ann Katherine Berger – 6/10 – Well done claiming the possibility of a test cross at half-time, but it was largely untested.

Right-back: Eve Perisset – 7/10 – He bonded well with James, with Chelsea being a constant source of creativity.

Centre-back: Miley Bright – 7/10 – He played the long straight ball to Kerr to get Chelsea to start the opener. She almost repeated her goal in the Arnold Clark Cup by scoring her heroic goals in the second half, breaking the crossbar with a half volley.

Centre-back: Kadisha Buchanan – 8/10 – He swept the ball well and pulled the ball out from behind with confidence on multiple occasions

Left-back: Magdalena Ericsson (51 minutes for Carter) – 6/10 – She rarely gets defensive. He saved from Corbella after an adventurous attack early in the second half, before being substituted.

CM: Sophie Ingle – 7/10 – Neat and tidy in possession, she rarely gave the ball away – even when urged to shoot by the Stamford Bridge crowd.

CM: Erin Cuthbert – 9/10 – Chelsea doubled down with a stunning solo effort, dominating James’ corner with a chest and finding the top corner with a half-volley from the edge of the penalty area. Absolutley all around as usual, expertly detached playing.

CM: Jesse Fleming – 6/10 – Help Chelsea dominate the midfield with her energy and composure on the ball.

RW: Lauren James – 7/10 – She delivered the set-piece delivery for Chelsea’s second, before dancing between Ale and Neville to win the penalty for her team’s hat-trick.

Forward: Sam Kerr (65′ for England) – 8/10 – She opened the scoring after 12 minutes with her first sight of goal and calmly rode Zadorski’s challenge and sealed the game. He made another save from Corbella in the first half with a weak effort, always looking like a threat.

Left back: Guru Riten – 7/10 – He emphatically cleared Chelsea’s third from the penalty spot. Always causing havoc with evil rebirths from the left.

SUB: Jess Carter (51 min for Erickson) – 6/10

SUB: Bethany England (65 minutes to Kerr) – 6/10

SUB: Fran Kirby (65 minutes for Cuthbert) – 6/10

SUB: Kateryna Svetkova (77 minutes to Ryten) – 6/10

SUB: Aniek Nouwen (77 minutes to Buchanan) – 6/10

Celine Bizet and Jesse Fleming

Bizet at work for Tottenham/Clive Rose/Getty Images

GK: Tinja Riikka-Korpela – 5/10 – She got a hand to Cuthbert’s shot but couldn’t clear it. The distribution was a little dicey at times.

Right-back: Amy Turner – 5/10 – One of three players to challenge in the first corner then leave Cuthbert with acres of space for Chelsea’s second.

Central defender: Shelena Zadorski – 5/10 – She couldn’t stop Kerr breaking through as she unsuccessfully tried to send the striker off in Chelsea’s opener. Given a difficult time by the Chelsea striker in the first half.

Center back: Molly Bartrip – 5/10 – There is plenty of space between Bartripe and Zadorski for Keir to enter it for the first time for Chelsea, who both struggled in the first half.

Left-back: Asmita Al-Bireh – 5/10 – It ended up being beaten by James in the build-up to Chelsea’s third penalty.

CM: Angharad James – 6/10 – A great effort was snapped up in the second half. Decent in possession without being able to take the game at the back of the neck against Chelsea’s mighty midfield trio.

CM: Evelina Sumanen – 6/10 – One of three players to take the first leg of a corner kick Cuthbert was left unmarked to finish second for Chelsea. Ranked in possession as Spurs put in a few good moves in the first half.

RW: Celin Bizet (69 minutes for Ayane) – 5/10 – Unable to get the better, Erickson, or Carter, he fails to influence the proceedings.

AM: Drew Spence – 6/10 – Her first return to Chelsea since leaving the club in the summer. One of three players to try to win an initial header from the corner before Chelsea’s second. Goal vision cut wide in the first half when she had a little more time than she realized.

Left wing: Ashley Neville (83 min for Obugajo) – 5/10 – It was Spurs’ first effort of the game, Perissette dismissed but fired straight at Berger from distance. He awarded Chelsea’s third penalty with a clumsy trip after being beaten by James.

Striker: Jessica Naz – 5/10 – I had one of Spurs’ brightest moments, running past Bright before seeing her low delivery cut by Carter. Otherwise pretty much starved of service.

SUB: Rosella Ayane (69 minutes for Bizet) – 5/10

SUB: Chioma Ubogagu (83 minutes to Neville) – 5/10

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