Portal Fantasy is releasing a Closed Beta on Polygon

  • Portal Fantasy is launching its closed beta on Polygon.
  • Players have to complete challenges to get into the game.

The Portal Fantasy team works hard and works to its own schedule road map for the year 2023. After successfully launching the highly anticipated closed beta AvalancheThe game seeks to take its adventures to a new dimension.

This free pixel adventure game is ready for closed beta play on Polygon. However, there is a catch: only players who have completed the challenges can play the game.

Polygon portal

As promised in its 2023 roadmap, Portal Fantasy is bringing its closed beta adventures to Polygon on March 13, 2023. The game studio has revealed its commitment to creating an exciting game for everyone, so it’s expanding its reach to multiple blockchains.

Fantasy portal Polygon launch Closely followed the opening Beta is closed on Avalanche. The developers posted the closed beta on Avalanche on March 9, 2023, citing its extensive blockchain toolset and growing ecosystem of players. The developers chose Polygon for the next stage of the RPG’s closed beta release for similar reasons.

Developers aim to use Polygon’s low-cost instant transactions, scalable security, and community expansion. The studio shared that it’s excited to be joining the Polygon ecosystem and believes the launch will propel it to the next stage in its roadmap: beta lane.

What then?

According to Portal Fantasy’s 2023 road mapIt has completed the first stage and is about to complete the second stage. In the first phase, the game successfully concluded its fundraising campaign and was published little gameAnd they fired Official Website.

In phase two, Portal Fantasy has been rolling out closed beta on Polygon and Avalanche. It is currently running Community Beta Pass challenges to give players exclusive access to the game.

Portal Fantasy has shared that it will be dropping Beta Passes for Avalanche and Polygon users on March 24 and April 10, 2023, respectively.

The Beta Pass airdrop marks the end of Phase Two, bringing Portal Fantasy closer to releasing the PFT token. Additionally, Phase Three will include the game fully launching on Avalanche, Polygon, and the Portal Fantasy marketplace for its in-game items.

on the flip side

  • according to dabradar Per the report, unique active wallets on Polygon saw a 35% drop in February 2023 to 90,139 wallets.

Why should you bother

2023 is set to be a breakout year for Web3 games, and Polygon is in the lead, driving growth. Releasing retro RPGs like Portal Fantasy on well-established blockchain platforms like Polygon and Avalanche is essential to gaming’s long-term success in the Web3 space.

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