Purdue vs. Rutgers basketball updates, score, and highlights from the Big Ten Tournament

The Big Ten tournament starts today for Purdue men’s basketball team.

After winning an outright conference title, the Boilermakers (26-5 overall, 15-5 Big Ten in the regular season) will face ninth-ranked Rutgers (19-13 overall, 10-10 Big Ten). yesterday , The Scarlet Knights beat #8 Michigan State 62-50.

Purdue and Rutgers faced off once during the year, which didn’t go well for the Boilermakers. Purdue City had a game on January 2 against Rutgers after it was 13-0 but lost 65-64.

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: 21.8 left 2H: Purdue 68, Rutgers 61

Fletcher Lauer made consecutive throws to bring Purdue’s lead to 8. On their next possession, Derrick Simpson was fouled on a three-pointer attempt. Simpson missed first and second but made the third.

: 39.3 left 2H: Purdue 66, Rutgers 60

Mason Gillis, 20 points and 9 rebounds. Gillis’ jumper gave Purdue a 9-point lead, but Cam Spencer’s 3-pointer put it up by 6 for the Boilermakers.

1:18 left 2H: Purdue 64, Rutgers 57

This was a very physical game. Rutgers has 22 fumbles against them while Purdue has 14.

1:54 left 2H: Purdue 62, Rutgers 56

Zach Eddy fired a shot and as he followed up Clifford Omoroi was elbowed. The play is reviewed but Eddie is not fouled due to it being accidental contact.

Rutgers had two players with four fouls. After a David Jenkins Jr. foul, Rutgers’ Derek Simpson hit back-to-back free kicks to cut the lead to 4.

Shortly after, Rutgers’ Caleb McConnell fouled. Fletcher Loyer made two free throws to extend the lead to 6.

There was a bit of a roar after a play in which Eddie elbowed Paul Mulcahy. Eddie got a technical foul.

4:00 2H left: Purdue 56, Rutgers 52

Zack Eddy scored for the first time in the half to give Purdue their biggest lead of 5 points. Eddie has a double double, which is his twenty-fourth.

Braden Smith hit a jumper to extend Purdue’s lead to 7 points. Rutgers did not score within 4 minutes of the game but got back into the game with a Derek Simpson bunt and 1.

8:02 2H left: Purdue 50, Rutgers 49

Derrick Simpson hit a 3-pointer for Rutgers to cut the lead to 1 out of a timeout. Rutgers’ Clifford Omoroi committed consecutive errors and went to the bench with 4 in total.

Zack Eddy didn’t score this half for Purdue and sits at 10 points.

9:03 2H left: Purdue 50, Rutgers 46

Purdue’s David Jenkins Jr. hit three consecutive home runs. Cam Spencer responded with a basket to put Rutgers up 1, but Ethan Morton responded with another 3-point shot to give the Boilermakers a 4-point lead going into the break.

After a slow start from depth, Purdue is now 7-of-18 from 3-point range (39%).

Gene Keady in attendance at Purdue vs. Rutgers

During the second half, cameras caught the former Purdue basketball coach, who won the Big Ten Coach of the Year award seven times.

11:58 2H left: Purdue 41, Rutgers 40

Rutgers held a 2-point lead, but Purdue’s Ethan Morton hit a 3-point lead to take a 1-point lead at the 14:23 mark. Just over a minute later, Rutgers’ Cam Spencer grounded the ball to give the Scarlet Knights a 40-39 lead.

At 12:31, Mason Gillis went to the free throw line and made both attempts to give the Boilermakers the lead again. Gillis has never missed a shot (6-for-6) and has 17 points.

15:38 2H left: Rutgers 36, Purdue 36

The teams traded leads early in the half, but Rutgers distanced themselves a bit with a multiple lead of 3 points.

That was erased when Mason Gillis hit a three-pointer to tie things up at 36-36.

First half: Purdue 29, Rutgers 28

What an end for Bordeaux. Mason Gillis drilled a three-pointer at the buzzer with help from Braden Smith.

The Boilermakers were down by 12 earlier in the inning. Gillis and Zack Eddy each have 10 points.

: 10.5 left 1H: Rutgers 28, Purdue 26

Purdue took their first lead of the game on Zach Edey and a 1. Eddie threw a dunk and got fouled in the process. He later made the free throw. Eddie now has 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Rutgers took the lead returning straight on Antwone Woolfolk’s layup. Purdue’s Trey Kaufman-Renn tied things up with a free throw.

Woolfolk broke the tie with the ball thrown.

4:28 left 1H: Rutgers 22, Purdue 19

Purdue took a 9-0 lead before Rutgers scored at 6:15. Rutgers has 8 fouls and has two starters with two steps each.

Mason Gillis leads the Boilermakers with 7 points and 4 rebounds.

7:39 1H left: Rutgers 20, Purdue 16

With time running out, Purdue is having a 6-0 run with David Jenkins Jr. going to the free throw line for a completion attempt and 1.

Jenkins, Jr. and Mason Gillis lead Purdue with 5 points each. Shooting at long range is something boilermakers have to improve on. So far, they’re 1-for-7 (14%) from a 3-point range.

Rutgers has five steals, while Purdue has 2.

11:34 left 1H: Rutgers 17, Purdue 10

Rutgers is playing a very physical defense at the moment. They are as many as four steals. The offense consists of 3 three-pointers and the team shoots 60% from the floor.

David Jenkins Jr. hit a three-point shot for Purdue to cut it to 7.

15:03 left 1H: Rutgers 12, Purdue 4

Rutgers pressured Purdue early. The defense is quick to chase down Zack Eddy whenever he gets the ball.

The Scarlet Knights have 2 three-pointers and shoot 80% from the field. Eddie and Braden Smith have two points each for Bordeaux.

Boilermakers are 2-for-6 so far (33%) from the floor.

What is Purdue’s basketball channel?

Purdue vs. Rutgers at noon ET on BTN.

Purdue basketball on the radio

Listen to the game on 96.5 FM in Lafayette, 1260 AM in Indianapolis, SiriusXM channel 84.

Zach Eddy was named Big Ten Player of the Year

Zach Eddy, 7-4 junior, averages 21.9 points, 12.8 rebounds, 2.3 blocks and 1.5 assists for the fifth-ranked Boilermakers. Eddie also leads the country with 23 double-doubles and joins former Michigan star Chris Webber as the only Big Ten player to amass at least 600 points, 350 rebounds and 50 blocks in a single season.

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