Put The Crypto List Into Perspective: Ripple CEO By CoinEdition

© Reuters. Put crypto regulation into perspective: Ripple CEO
  • Brad Garlinghouse said the crypto industry is doing well despite recent challenges.
  • The CEO asked for a proper distinction between encryption problems and fraud.
  • Garlinghouse commended the UAE for its pioneering role in cryptocurrency regulatory advancement.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has called for crypto regulation to be put into perspective. He said this via several interviews at the World Economic Conference 2023, Davos 2023.

In a Twitter thread, the popular XRP/Ripple tracker, with handle @WKahneman compiled a series of developments around the conference as he featured Garlinhouse’s remarks.

His tweets included interviews and panel discussions featuring the CEO of Ripple, among other experts. The discussion at the event rounded out some of the recent challenges the cryptocurrency industry has faced and regulatory developments.

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