Recreating the original ‘The Legend of Zelda’ in VR – Geek Review

Recreation of the original Legend of Zelda game code read "Death legend"

the original zelda The game evokes strong nostalgia for millions of gamers. For many, it was among the first matches they played. Now, nearly 37 years after its initial release, the first 8-bit zelda The title has been converted to VR. But not by Nintendo.

Bold fan Detwilf turned around 1986 version from The Legend of Zelda using QuestZDoom engine For the Quest VR headset. The first section of the game has been completely converted into virtual reality, and it’s been making the rounds on YouTube game streaming channels.

And it’s great to watch. If you played the top-down version as a kid, you’ll immediately notice the difference between that and the new first-person version. It gets dull at some moments because the dungeon rooms are so spacious, they don’t really hold much.

But when players enter rooms with many enemies and objects, you can feel the tension and a completely different approach to the game when you can’t see the entire room at once. And it makes you wonder how much better the game would be if Nintendo ever decided to remake the original title using a 21st century game engine.

Twitter users are also taking VR trips to Hyrule. The exterior photos look amazing in this clip.

Since this zelda The game was made using the QuestZDoom engine, dubbed by the developer Death legend. Could you Download the game via Mod DB.

Warning: Geek review The integrity of software downloaded from third-party websites cannot be independently verified. Enter the original 3D Hyrule at your own risk.

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