Repligen Expands Operations Analytics Portfolio with DRS Daylight Solutions Agreement

Repligen Corporation, a life sciences company focused on leading bioprocess technology, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership and exclusive licensing agreement with DRS Daylight Solutions to expand the use of mid-IR technology into the bioprocess market.

Through this agreement, Repligen will assume responsibility for the marketing of Culpeo®, as well as developing future products and technologies in partnership with DRS Daylight Solutions (“Daylight”). Both companies will focus on expanding their portfolio of solutions based on Quantum Cascade Laser mid-IR Technology (QCL-IR) and integrating these solutions into chromatography and filtration systems to expand the companies’ presence in the rapidly growing Process Analytics Technology (PAT) segment of the bioprocess market.

Daylight’s patented QCL-IR technology measures high protein level and nucleic acid structure, which facilitates measurement of protein accumulation, concentrate content, DNA and other critical features in biological manufacturing processes. Accurate readings are available in seconds, enabling real-time process monitoring in upstream and downstream manufacturing processes.

San Diego-based Daylight specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative solutions based on the QCL technology platform, which operates throughout the mid-infrared spectral range. Daylight, known for best-in-class products supporting the commercial, research, aerospace and defense markets, entered the bioprocessing market in 2018 with its flagship Culpeo.® a tool.

We are pleased to sign this agreement with DRS Daylight Solutions, which complements our existing suite of analytics from C Technologies, a leader in real-time process monitoring solutions. We believe the Daylight portfolio will accelerate and expand the adoption of direct process monitoring in the bioprocessing industry. We look forward to working with Tim Day and the team at Daylight.”

Tony J. Hunt, CEO of Replagin

We are very excited to partner with Repligen to make QCL-IR-based solutions a game-changing technology for PAT. We believe Repligen is the best partner to make this happen, given its success with C Technologies and its proven track record of innovation in bioprocessing. We look forward to working alongside Tony Hunt and the Repligen team to provide bioprocess customers with this groundbreaking technology for measuring process parameters critical to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. With real-time results and high reliability, Culpeo® It will ultimately improve production returns, reduce costs and ensure product quality.”

Dr. Timothy Day, Senior Vice President and General Manager, DRS Daylight Solutions

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