Robert F Kennedy Jr.: “Bitcoin is an exercise in democracy”


  • Bitcoin is getting more and more attention in US politics.
  • Kennedy once again reiterated his support for Bitcoin.
  • The presidential candidate is set to launch his campaign in Bitcoin Miami.

For better or for worse, cryptocurrencies are getting more and more attention in US politics, driven more by Unbearable support for some presidential candidates.

One such candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., recently reiterated his support for bitcointhe number 1 cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Kennedy associates bitcoin with the practice of democracy

Kennedy recently reiterated his support for Bitcoin, in a speech at Bitcoin Miami on Thursday, May 18, that made the rounds on Twitter encryption. According to the Democratic presidential candidate, bitcoin is more than just a currency.

“Everyone is very excited about Bitcoin, not only because it is a currency but because it is an exercise in democracy,” Kennedy emphasized.

The presidential candidate also promised that if elected, bitcoin users would not have to worry about the government seeking to monitor how their bitcoins are spent.

"Nobody's going to be taxing your electricity 30%," he added in a subliminal jab at President Joe Biden's proposed crypto mining tax.

Kennedy suggested that he wanted the crypto space to grow in America, Something industry leaders are pessimistic aboutGiven the current regulatory landscape.

Kennedy remarks Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and in Bitcoin defense Against Biden’s proposed 30% tax on cryptocurrency mining, he endeared himself to the cryptocurrency community. However, it remains questionable whether his outspoken support for Bitcoin is a ploy to achieve his political goals.

However, the presidential candidate scheduled To kick off his campaign with a keynote at the Bitcoin Miami conference on Friday, May 19th.

on the flip side

Why is this important

Even if they turn out to be dishonest, Kennedy’s remarks highlight the growing influence of the crypto community as politicians now feel the need to appease them.

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