Sales of The Last of Us Part I have skyrocketed as the PC launch approaches

Something to look forward to: The Last of Us was initially launched on PlayStation 3 in 2013, and it has been a hugely successful franchise. Its popularity resulted in a PS4 remaster in 2014, a sequel in 2020, and a remake for current-generation hardware in 2022. The games were initially limited to PlayStation consoles only. However, Naughty Dog has announced that the series will make its way to PC, with a March release.

Announced and released in 2022, The Last of Us Part 1 was a remake of the original 2013 game. Developer Naughty Dog wanted to re-release the game to bring it on par with The Last of Us Part II. The new version features higher quality graphics and animation than its previous counterpart and support for exclusive Dualsense features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The studio also revealed the first of The Last of Us franchise: a PC port. Initially, the PC version didn’t have a release date, but Naughty Dog did later has been confirmed It will arrive on March 3, 2023. Even though the game and story is now 10 years old, it was good to see that PlayStation Studios wasted no time in bringing the high definition remake to PC gamers.

Because of the huge success of the original version, rumors started swirling in 2014 regarding potential film adaptations of the video game. None of those panned out until 2020 when HBO announced a partnership with Naughty Dog to Adapts The Last of Us in the TV series. Initially broadcasting in December 2020, the coronavirus outbreak delayed production, pushing the release to 2023.

After nearly three years of delays, teasers, and trailers, the TV series finally aired on January 15, 2023. The first episode received warm praise from viewers who greatly appreciated the show staying close to the source material, which is rare for video games. Quotations. Industry experts anticipation The series, which will be renewed for a second and third season to cover the longest part, The Last of Us Part Two.

Due to the widespread hype and overall success of the HBO series, sales of both The Last of Us Part I and the PS4 remaster have jumped exponentially. GamesIndustry reports that the first part of The Last of Us more In sales were up 238 percent on a weekly basis, while Remastered sales were up 322 percent.

This recent spike in PS4 and PS5 versions of the game could be an excellent sign for the franchise’s launch on PC, as the show has greatly increased interest in the series. The release of the port also roughly coincides with the show’s season finale. If this is intended, then perhaps the PC port of The Last of Us Part II will arrive along with the second season.

The first part of The Last of Us is officially released on PC on March 3, 2023, on steam and the Epic Games Store.

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