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Galaxy S23 Ultra is not affected.

The volume and power buttons are on the side of the Samsung Galaxy S23+
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A glitch, or possibly a hardware issue, is adding a strange blur to some Galaxy S23 and S23+ owners’ photos. The source of this issue is unknown, although it appears to be affecting a limited number of Galaxy S23 and S23+ smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not affected.

As I mentioned Diaryseveral Galaxy S23 users on the German Android Help Forum He complained of a blurry “loop”. or “arc” when taking pictures. Basically, the center and corners of the image look sharp, but partly so around The center appears blurry or unusually soft. (This also occurs when shooting RAW images, which may indicate a hardware problem.)

We were able to replicate this issue using our Galaxy S23 (sent to us with permission from AT&T). Of course, it is a very subtle camouflage. And to my relief, it’s very hard to notice without zooming in. I don’t think this will have a real impact on everyday photography.

To be clear, I know these tests are a little unscientific. I pointed my Galaxy S23 at a passage from a book and took about twenty photos. But the ring-shaped camouflage pattern appeared in all of the photos, backing up the photos shared by other users.

Interestingly, this blurry camera issue may be inherited from the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones (which use the same cameras as the S23 and S23+). I managed to find some complaints about Galaxy S22 cameras are blurry On the Samsung support forum. Affected Galaxy S22 customers describe a blurry “ring” similar to what we see on the Galaxy S23. (Although this may be a coincidence.)

Note that some Galaxy S23 and S23+ devices are not affected by this issue. And as I mentioned earlier, camera blur is very hard to notice. (Honestly, I’m concerned that some examples of this problem may be bad photography, as opposed to a camera problem. The most extreme examples look like motion blur.)

Samsung has not commented on this camera issue. If you own a Galaxy S23 or S23+, I suggest you sit tight and wait for official word. I hope it’s just a simple software bug.

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