Samsung’s new foldable display and interior could be perfect for the Z Fold 5


Flexible external display mockup of Samsung Monitor 2


  • Samsung Display has shown off a prototype of its foldable screen phones that can be folded in and out.
  • It’s called the Flex In & Out and it comes with a new 360-degree waterdrop hinge design.

Samsung Display, the company that makes Samsung displays, has a new prototype phone display with a 360-degree hinge. The company shared information about the same with the edge And they even sent some pictures. What’s special about the new design is that it can help the foldable phone to fold inside and out.

Dubbed the Flex In & Out screen, it was first shown off at CES 2023. A few days ago, we I just saw a picture of her It was held next to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. At the time, all we could say was that the prototype’s screen appeared much thinner when folded compared to the Z Fold 4. We also saw that it folds flat, with both sides sitting at the same time as each other. . . This is thanks to the new waterdrop hinge, which allows the screen to bend into a more flexible shape, which also causes less wrinkling than the current hinge system on Samsung’s foldable.

What we didn’t know before is that the hinge can make the screen fold in both directions. A fact now confirmed by Samsung, along with other details about the hinge mechanism. Below is a picture showing how it works.

Flexible external display mockup of Samsung Monitor 1

Samsung screen / edge

If the new display appears on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is already rumored to adopt a waterdrop-style hinge, it could be the biggest design change Samsung has made to its largest foldable in years. We’re not sure how the software dynamics work when the phone is folded outward, with part of the screen touching the palm when held. But we’re sure Samsung will think about all of that before launching such a screen commercially on a foldable phone.


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