San Francisco era record 15th loss to the Dodgers in 2022

What we learned when the Giants lost their 15th SF-era record of a match to Los Angeles Originally appeared NBC Sports Bayara

SAN FRANCISCO – If the rain continues on Sunday afternoon, the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers They were both going to have a day off eight days from now so they could play a makeup game. Perhaps the giants would have preferred it.

They lost 4-3 in 10 runs at Oracle Park, dropping to 4-15 this season against the Dodgers. This is the first time since the Giants moved to San Francisco that they have lost 15 games in a season against their opponent.

The last match between the two in 2022 lasted four and a half hours and included some late drama.

The game that featured a 20-minute rain delay went into extra innings, with the Dodgers bringing their free base player home in a double run. Mocky Pets. Walking with loading rules make it a 4-2 game.

Wilmer Flores He had one run at the bottom of the inning and the Giants carried the bases for LaMonte Wade Jr. , who came within about 10 feet of getting to a Grand Slam. Instead, he went off the field, dropping the Giants to 1-13 against the Dodgers in the second half.

The Giants had plenty of offensive opportunities in the middle half, but they piled on attacking strikes every time they posed a threat. They uploaded the rules in the 4th, but Evan Longoria And the Joy Bart cross off. After three rounds, Wade Jr’s single was followed by hits from Mike Jastrzemsky and Louis Gonzalez.

The big hit finally came at the bottom of eighth place. With two opponents and two outside, JD Davis hit a double in the gap to tie the match. He could have given the Giants the lead but bounced off the wall in the center-right position, sending Thiru Estrada back to third. After a deliberate walk, Wade hit Jr. With bases loaded, send the tie to the ninth.

More of the same

the gap between Alex CobbThe expected and actual stats dwindled in the second half, but he still looked back at this season feeling he deserved better, and Sunday was another example of that.

Cobb was accused of running two times in four strokes in 5 1/3 innings, but the second was hard to swallow. Tria Turner Hit the line to the center and Louis Brinson He slipped, then lost the ball in the spotlight as it fell to double. Freddy Freeman A hitter in the middle that Wilmer Flores couldn’t get followed, allowing Turner to score with ease.

Tonight’s Cup entered second place in the NL in globe average, up by one point Logan Web. Alex Wood It ranks 14. Sure, Aaron Judge You’ll get all the headlines, but a stadium defense overhaul should be at or near the top of your off-season wish list.

fast hill

It’s been a tough year for offensive Heliot Ramos in both the Triple-A and the big leagues, and his second game got off to a rough start when he misjudged volleyball on the windiest night of the season, allowing the Betts to reach one blob. But Ramos made up for it in the third, dropping a Turner missile that sounded like an RBI three times off the bat:

You don’t see many fit field players chasing balls at that spot in Oracle Park, and Ramos grabbed another deep ball for fourth. He’ll have to get rid of 2022 and have a lot of work to do in Triple-A early next season to force a call-up, but the tools are still there to pick the former first round, who is still only 23 years old.

Snap out of it

The last time he faced giants Andrew HeaneyBrinson hits a bomb intro as part of a night for two. Brynson had three home blocks in that series at Dodger Stadium, but entered Sunday’s game without a hitch in his last 15 bats. Trouble prompted him to try to put a hard hit the first time against Henny, and it didn’t work.

Brinson came out of the slack with a strong weakness in the fifth inning and put up a mark and took third on a fly ball to the middle. When Turner’s starting pitch in the Estrada grounder was high, Brinson tied the match.

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