Sandbox Review: Web3’s Digital Playground


sandwhich originally started as a successful mobile game, has taken the blockchain ecosystem by storm.

Today, the virtual world is undoubtedly one of the most popular Metaverse platforms, constantly building the Web3 gaming sector with its exciting collaborative events and technology.

In this article, we explore Web3’s digital playground, The Sandbox, and how it offers a glimpse into the future Metaverse.

Sandbox Metaverse is a decentralized, user-made, open-world game where creators’ imaginations can run wild. In this digital playground, users can create, own and monetize their experiences using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and SAND, the platform utility token. It is a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading Web3 venture capital firms, Animoca Brands. Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, and Arthur MadridCEO of Sandbox, currently leads the Sandbox team and has built it into what it is today.

The metaverse was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain however Later migrated to the polygon blockchain to better meet the growing demand.

The Sandbox is similar to the popular titles Roblox and Maine Craft But it has its own role in the gameplay. It gives gamers complete financial and creative freedom, as they can create custom games, worlds, and experiences using 3D pixels and monetize their creativity and hard work.

Sandbox open world map.
Sandbox open world map.

What is sand?

sand It is the official cryptocurrency of the Sandbox. It is a file-based ERC-20 token Ethereum The blockchain that runs everything in the metaverse. Utility token can be used for a large number of things, such as broker exchange, asset trading, maskgovernance, earning rewards, hiring designers, contests, and more.

SAND has a limited supply of three billion SAND tokens and is valued at $0.5 apiece. It has a total market capitalization of $940 million at the time of publication and a circulating supply of 1.8 billion SAND tokens, according to CoinMarketCap.

Since Sandbox is a major platform, users can obtain SAND from accredited centralized crypto exchanges, such as Binance and MXC, or decentralized crypto exchanges, such as UniSwap. Players can also get free SAND by participating in competitions organized by the Platform or the Platform play to earn mechanisms.

What is land?

The Sandbox has acres of digital plots covering its very own open world game, where every piece of virtual terrain in its map is a unique, ownable digital real estate represented by Ethereum or ribbed called NFT LAND. according to sandThere are over 166,464 LAND NFTs in the Sandbox, each with a width and length of 96 meters and a maximum height of 128 meters. Notably, each meter equals 32x32x32 voxels.

Each land has its own neighborhood, which sets its price, similar to real estate in real life. What sets LAND apart is that once users own these digital properties, owners can host interactive experiences by filling them with fun games and exciting assets. be it CompetitionsAnd eventsor ConcertsEarth is where all this happens. Interestingly, LAND owners can also rent out any digital real estate they own to other creators in the metaverse.

Users can purchase LAND by participating in LAND sales or directly from secondary markets such as open cwhere the cheapest land costs 0.4 Eritrea or approximately $731.

Recently, The Sandbox celebrated its new virtual neighborhood, voxel madness, with the sale of land. Players can get the chance to buy land or real estate and become virtual neighbors of popular entertainment, Web3 and video game brands such as Cut the ropeAnd InvincibleAnd Siege of dungeonsAnd Habuamong others.

What is real estate?

If the dimensions of a LAND are too small for your gaming experiences, Sandbox also offers ESTATEs, which are collections of multiple LANDs. They come in different sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large. The smallest estate consists of nine plots, while the largest has 576 plots.

What are the assets?

Origin is a term user To indicate voxel origins in the Sandbox. They are special playable 3D objects designed to increase the overall gameplay. Users can create with the platform’s voxel editing tool, VoxEdit, and then publish it on their website NFT market to trade.

Assets come in different categories, such as entities, which are NPCs, equipment, wearables, arts, and blocks. Users can find the basic assets in the official Game Maker.

Sandbox partnerships

Sandbox partners with diverse companies that bring their vision to life. There are currently more than 700 partners around the world, including governments and large corporations, Intellectual property partnersAnd game studiosCelebrities, athletes and more.

Some of the most influential Sandbox partners are Saudi governmentAtari, the famous video game company. The legendary adidas sports brandfashion giant GucciAnd Adult entertainment company Playboyand so on.

These are just a few of the many collaborators working with The Sandbox, building Web3 and the metaverse.

Sandbox collaboration with Snoop Dogg
Sandbox collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Sandbox events

The Sandbox series of events is one of the reasons it is considered one of the best metaverse platforms today. The gaming metaverse often collaborates with major mainstream giants, providing unique experiences to its users. From Forbes to the Smurfs, Sandbox brings in consistently Huge names and companies in the metaverse.

However, the much-coveted summer alpha season has allowed the gaming platform to immortalize itself in the Web3 domain. Events allow players to experience never-before-seen gameplay, social positions, and gameplay opportunities to earn in the metaverse.

These are multi-week events where players can go on missions and potentially earn SAND token rewards and NFTs. The Sandbox Alpha Season Three, which took place in the summer of 2022, was filled with constant action and continued for several months. Introduce new games, events, and spaces from key collaborators like Gucci, Pimp My Ride, and Tony Hawk.

To access the alpha season, players must have alpha cards, which they can obtain with them Register an account and download a file Alpha client.

Alpha Season 3 promotional image.
Alpha Season 3 campaign image.

Sandbox ecosystem

Sandbox features three interrelated products that work together to provide a comprehensive and rewarding user-generated content production experience. Through these products, players can build a metaverse and earn by contributing to the digital playground with their unique creations.

VoxEdit – Create your own Voxels

VoxEdit At the core of the Sandbox creator experience. It is a unique and easy to use yet powerful 3D voxel modeling and NFT platform that enables players to create and animate 3D objects completely freely instantly. VoxEdit is where the Sandbox is The best and most creative users join And at the desire of their hearts. Once made, users can easily export their creations from the platform to the Sandbox Market as NFT game origins.

Voxel truck jump from the Voxedit tool.
Voxedit feature image. Source: The Sandbox

Sandbox NFT Market

The Sandbox’s NFT Market It allows users to upload, publish and sell NFT assets designed with VoxEdit. Players upload their pixels to the IPFS network and then register them on the blockchain to prove ownership. Once users’ creations have undergone this process, they become assets that users can sell in the marketplace to potential buyers.

Users can also choose from a set of collectible avatars that they can equip in the Sandbox to display. Some of the most popular collections are from hip hop legend Snoop Dogg, a fashion icon Paris Hiltonsoccer player Sergio “Con” Agüero, is a hit on TV show the walking Deadand more.

Screenshot of the NFT Market.
Sandbox NFT Market.

The original sandbox game maker

Sandbox Game Maker is one of Web3’s most advanced and easy to use game engines that boasts a myriad of features for game developers. The Game Maker is basically the place where players can unleash their creativity and build.

What sets the tool apart is that it allows game developers to build experiences using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that will enable them to instantly modify terrain, characters, items, quests, buildings, and more. Game Maker does not require game designers to know how to code. Anyone can bring their metaverse fantasy to life by following along The official tutorial.

Some of the popular features of Game Maker are multiplayer gameplay features, lighting and visual effects, video and audio streaming capabilities, hardware and wearable support for social hubs, emotes, and more.

Game Maker v0.8 is up and running.
Sandbox game maker in action. Sandbox source.

How do creators make money?

Sandbox is a digital world of opportunities for creators, gamers and artists. Users can earn in many ways, such as creating assets in Voxedit and selling them on the marketplace as NFTs, building and monetizing games, trying out Game Maker, buying a LAND and then renting it out or filling it with content.

Sandbox 2023 roadmap

2022 has been an eventful year for The Sandbox, allowing the metaverse to double its number of partners worldwide. The platform introduced many new technologies, events, and programs that helped users and businesses grow their businesses in the metaverse.

For 2023, The Sandbox subscriber On her social media, she’s looking to drive more business by launching a Partner Resource Center to help agencies and studios set up their bases in web3, launching the new and more advanced Game Maker version 0.8, and making more LAND sales.

on the flip side

  • according to DappRadarNFT trading skyrocketed in Q1 2023, totaling $311 million — a 277% increase since Q4 2022. Meanwhile, virtual land trading hit a new all-time high, recording 146,690 transactions. Yuga Labs, MG Land, Sandbox, and Decentraland were major proponents behind this spike.
  • Since the beginning of this year, Investors have injected $502 million in Web3 and metaverse gaming platforms, accounting for 32.7% of all crypto investment in 2023.

Why is this important

The metaverse has evolved from concept into reality. While development has been slow for the majority of 2023, platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland are miles ahead as some of the best blockchain games on the market, already hosting massive events with mainstream giants and offering a glimpse of what the metaverse will look like in the future.


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