Sandbox to launch a new experience with Havas Play

  • Sandbox has partnered with Havas Play to develop brand experiences.
  • The partnership will train thousands to create experiences in Metaverse.

2023 could be the breakout year for web 3 games and metaverse experiences. Global brands are looking for ways to jump on the bandwagon and gain prominence in the booming industry. They do this by partnering with The Sandbox to create files Metaverse experience.

Given the myriad of brands wanting to establish themselves in the metaverse, it could be a lot of work for The Sandbox. However, the leading metaverse has a new partner, Havas Play, to offload their workload and create meaningful business experiences with them.

new partner

Sandbox announced a strategic partnership with Havas Play to develop brand experiences in the metaverse. The collaboration will oversee the creation of immersive entertainment experiences that will engage communities for Havas customers.

Havas Play plans to work closely with The Sandbox to improve its ability to help brands improve their relevance to Web 3 culture through these experiences.

Stephan Guerre, President and CEO, Havas Play, comment:

“We are thrilled to partner with this metaverse pioneer to add another dimension to our Web3 offering and help some of the world’s most ambitious brands explore limitless opportunities in the most meaningful way as they take their first steps in the metaverse.”

In addition, the partnership will include training programs that will educate thousands of Havas Play creators and technologists to create custom brand experiences in the Sandbox. This includes training designers to use VoxEdit and GameMaker tools to build digital assets and experiences in The Sandbox.

Matteo Serveti, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at Sandbox, subscriber:

“Havas Play is in a unique position to help major brands be relevant in the new entertainment culture at the crossroads of gaming, the creator economy, and true digital ownership. This partnership is a great chance for brands to build their Web3 community and bring engagement like never before.”

on the flip side

  • The Havas Group partnered with The Sandbox in February 2022 to create their virtual village in the metaverse.

Why should you bother

Havas Play can help big brands gain relevance for Web 3 by creating immersive experiences in the metaverse by learning from one of the best sources, The Sandbox.

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