Save 70% on a lifetime license for the AI ​​tool that turns your words into art

TL; DR: From January 25th, you can get a lifetime subscription to Wombo Dream Premium AI Art Tool(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) For only $49.99 instead of $169.99. That’s 70% in savings.

popularity Programs and programs related to artificial intelligenceAnd the applications seem to be increasing day by day. Artificial intelligence is making its way across various industries and solving even the most complex problems. How would you feel if there was a Artificial intelligence based application It can turn your artistic ideas and style into a beautiful work of art.

WOMBA’s Dream Premium AI Art Tool lifetime plan can do just that because it uses a AI capabilities to turn your ideas into reality(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab). For a limited time, it’s selling for 70% off the original price, so you only have to pay $49.99.

Once you download the app, you will enter up to 200 characters into the prompt box. Say you want the app to depict a calm beach on a sunny day, you can type something like, “white sandy beach with sunrise and bright blue watering,” and within seconds, WOMBO Dream will produce a variety of select patterns for you to choose from. It’s like magic. Except it’s not… it’s AI.

With the premium plan, you get access to exclusive art styles, and get an exclusive “supporting role” if you join the official WOMBO Dream discord serverGenerate multiple deliverables by creating up to four designs simultaneously. You can also enhance your best output with three different alternative options and save the final products as a generation video. The app also got a mention in Google Play’s “Best” list under “Best app and game overall(opens in a new window)category.

For 70% off, you can turn text into art, photos into art, and show the finished product to anyone on social media. get the WOMBO Dream Premium AI Art Tool(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) For $49.99 – the best price you’ll find online.

Prices are subject to change.

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