Say goodbye to clone Reddit’s Clubhouse

do you remember Club Housewhich is the audio-based social media app that was basically Twitter Spaces before Twitter Spaces present? Let me jog your memory: It was an app that thrived during the early days of the pandemic and allowed users to join in different conversations on different topics as often as they wanted. And it was incredibly successful when it first launched, prompting other social media platforms to copy it incredibly. Twitter SpacesAnd Sound Rooms on FacebookAnd Spotify Greenroom(Opens in a new tab)And Reddit Talk.

But after its initial popularity, the excitement around Clubhouse didn’t last. Nobody uses the social media platform, and of course all the duplicates pushed by many other platforms didn’t work. as a result of, reddit announced that it would be shutting down its live audio chats on March 21, just two years after its launch.

in the post(Opens in a new tab)the company said that it wasn’t a lack of interest that led to the feature’s closure, but resource-saving issues.

“Reddit’s goal is to become the de facto home for communities. Voice, like Talk, has a place in that. However, there is important work we need to do — such as making Reddit simpler and building a better affiliate infrastructure — before integrating voice,” the company said. “Our original plan was to keep Talk while we worked on this. Unfortunately, the external audio vendor we use for Talk has turned off its service. In other words, the resources required to keep Talk live during this transition have increased exponentially.”

The social media giant said there are no plans to bring back Talk or any other audio feature in the future, but users will be able to download any chats hosted after September 1, 2022, for a few months after the shutdown.

“We know this isn’t the update you were all looking for,” said Reddit. “We firmly believe in the future efforts we are working on and would like to continue to partner with all of you for potential future experiences for those who are open to it.”

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