Scotty Barnes misses a point-blank shot at the buzzer in a Raptors loss

Scotty Barnes couldn’t have asked for a better scoring opportunity against the Hawks with the game on the line.

Tied at 111 with 18.1 seconds to play, Raptors guard Fred VanVleet tacked the ball into the left corner to OG Anunoby, who brought the ball back to the top of the corkscrew. Anunoby, who took a few dribbles before a powerful cross to his left hand, tried to shake AJ Griffin before stopping on a dime to launch a jumping elbow pull that hit the side of the rim.

But with the Raptors containing rebound, VanVleet reset at the top of the corkscrew. He then drove the ball to the basket—taking Hawks defensive stopper Dejounte Murray with him—before dropping the ball to Barnes, who missed an easy point-and-go shot that was slightly contested by De’Andre Hunter.

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