Seahawks QB Geno Smith is an iconic quote delivered after his victory over Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Jeno Smith He will benefit from his famous quote after upset Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos In Week 1. Smith filed a trademark for the phrase “They crossed me, I’ll never write again” after winning.

Smith provided this streak during a post-match interview on the field. Smith was asked if some fans wrote it as a novice. He answered with this phrase, which soon spread widely.

Smith put in a solid performance against Wilson and the Broncos in the first week. Completed 23 of 28 pass attempts for 195 yards and two touchdown attempts at 17-16 . victory.

Smith did not waste much time before registering for the trademark. The US Patent and Trademark Office database shows papers submitted by Smith on September 14. And Smith’s brand will allow the phrase to be used on clothing and apparel, among other things.

The Seahawks and Smith couldn’t maintain the momentum in Week 2. The team lost to the San Francisco 49ers 7-7. Smith completed 24 of 30 passes for 197 yards and was not touched down. He threw one interception at the loss. The team will look to bounce back against Atlanta Falcons in week 3.

Jenno Smith with Seahawks.

Gino Smith has trademarked his now iconic phrase. (Photo by Steve Chambers/Getty Images)

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