Season of the Tiger review: Tre Gomillion


over the next few weeks, We’ll take a look at the season for each of the Tigers’ players in turns.

Tree Jomillion He was one of the four players as head coach Dennis Gates He brought with him from Cleveland State to Missouri. Jomillion began his college career at Jordan State College before becoming the first player signed by the Jets as a head coach while with the Vikings in 2019. He was named the Skyline League Defensive Player of the Year just two seasons later and helped Cleveland State win again. Return conference for the regular season.

The 6-foot-4, 210-pound guard became a do-it-all player for the Tigers upon arrival, filling whatever role was required of him throughout the course of the game. Sometimes, this meant guarding players much older than himself and relying on his strength to prevent them from hitting the post. Other times, he acts as a facilitator in offense when the team is in need of an additional playmaker.

Gomillion has shown a penchant for hitting the edge, with 58.7% of his field goal attempts this season coming in the Cup, ranking 98 percent in the country among point guards according to CBB analytics. He connected 38 of his 72 shots inside the paint.

The graduate was strong in other areas as well. Although he was a low-volume outside shooter, he finished the season hitting 35.3% on his three-pointers, most of them coming from corners. His ability to get in the lane and draw in defenders has also helped him find open teammates – according to KenPom, Gomillion has recorded assists on 15.6% of his possessions. He was also one of the best rebounders in his position as well. According to KenPom, Gomillion has grabbed 6.7% of available offensive rebounds and 12.4% of available defensive rebounds. He grabbed an extra season 11 boards in Mizzou’s win over Mississippi State on February 21.

Gomillion’s value to the team wasn’t measured solely by its production. He was considered a captain by the Tigers and was voted team captain. He brought a win-at-all-costs mentality to the court that often became infectious to his teammates. Jomillion came off the bench for the first 10 games of the season, but worked himself into a place in the starting line-up for the next nine.

The groin injury limited Gomillion to 24 games on the year and ruled him out of the team’s postseason games in the SEC and NCAA tournaments. But even while sidelined, Jomillion remained engaged, routinely making suggestions to the Jets during games. He has yet to announce his plans now that his college career is over, but Gates said he plans to bring “Coach Cameron” — affectionately referring to Tre by his legal name — onto his staff when Jomillion feels the time is right.

“He will continue to influence the game of basketball in different ways,” said Gates. “But I couldn’t imagine being on this trip without him and being here without him.”

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