Shepburn sizzles 26,450%, a massive burn that breaks an annual record


  • Linda Yaccarino followed SHIB on Twitter, which sparked social mentions.
  • Only one signal on the chain is bullish via $SHIB, $BONE and $LEASH.
  • $3,016,073,367 worth of SHIB tokens were set on fire in a single transaction.

The Shiba Inu community (SHIB) is gathering forces to erase the zero added to its price on May 1, 2023. This is evident in the shattered record of SHIB burns. Sheburn’s tracker only mentions two trades in the last 24 hours, but one of them was huge. A generous SHIB holder has sent massive SHIB tokens worth $3,016,073,367 to Eternal Fire. Donor’s treatment etherscan suggests that the value Of these tokens were $26,571.61 at the time of execution.

excitement from shiba inu The community also comes amid rumors regarding Linda Iaccarino, the soon-to-be CEO of Twitter. Convincingly, the massive arson occurred one day after Yaccarino’s appearance to follow The official Twitter handle for SHIB Token. In response, several SHIB holders asked Ms. Yaccarino about Twitter’s Shiba Inu app. 2.0 or “X.”

Can a Shiba Inu delete a zero?

Eventually, this led to a huge rise in dailies Chip burning rate by 26,450.21% with continued efforts to maintain the Shiba Inu price. At the time of publication, SHIB trades are ranked #16 At $0.00000877according Queen Gekko.

Slipping 1.3% in value over the past 24 hours, shiba inu It shows no signs of bullish divergence with three on-chain bearish signals in large transactions, concentration and net network growth, according to IntoTheBlock Blockchain data analytics.

Large deals fell by 4.02%, while only 18% of SHIB holders profit from the current price. However, on-chain metrics indicate that a complete reversal in the $0.000009 price range could break the bullish divergence of SHIB.

on the flip side

  • A fair amount of Shiba Inu holders on Twitter and disagreement We say these burns are a drop in the ocean for a trip to the moon.
  • According to this theory, trillions of Shiba Inu tokens would have to be set ablaze every day to drastically change the Shiba Inu price.

Why should you bother

Shiba Inu has been hailed as one of the most solid memecoin projects with an extensive community across social platforms.

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