Shiba Inu Community (SHIB) Launches Shiba Wings Restaurant in Australia by DailyCoin


Shiba Inu Community (SHIB) launches Shiba Wings restaurant in Australia

The Army of Sheep will have another themed restaurant (Sheep) on the Gold Coast, Australia. The coastal Queensland city will host Shiba Wings, a chicken restaurant with a coded ATM installed on the premises. The first cryptocurrency restaurant in Australia featured a Shiba Inu logo with fiery wings, likely a reference to the SHIB burning mechanism.

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Shiba Inu see adoption despite adding zero

At the time of publication, the Japanese guard dog memecoin SHIB changed hands at $0.00000869, down 4.20% in the last 24 hours. The crypto winter hit memcoin, with a monthly deficit of 13.3%.

This caused the dog coin to give way to Lido Staked Ether (stETH) to take the thirteenth spot on the cryptocurrency charts. After losing $200 million in its market value in the past 24 hours, it is now trading below the key resistance line of $0.000009 for the first time since June 21, 2022.

In other related news, Coinbase’s (NASDAQ:) SHIB trading activity again maintained 91% buys. The bullish signal from Coinbase users coincided with about 5,000 new SHIB wallets on the (ETH) network. according to WhaleThe total number of active wallets now is 1,279,882 with an average of 80,363,052,179 SHIBs held by the top 100 ETH whales.

on the flip side

  • SHIB lost the top spot as the most-held cryptocurrency by TOP 100 ETH Whales.
  • Currently, the highest holding is ETH, followed by the popular stablecoins (USDT) and (USDC).
  • Despite the drop in the market price of SHIB, memecurrency has added more than 50,000 new wallet addresses since last month.

Why should you bother

The two-year-old memecurrency project has an extensive and active community. SHIB and its archenemy (DOGE) has sparked several bulls on altcoins in the past two years.

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