Shiba Inu (SHIB) Community Blasts Dev Team Purge

Huge Shiba Inu community Discord had a heated argument over the weekend. A faction of the SHIB army has exploded against the “hostile takeover of the Shiba Inu” by lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, as official core team member ShibaKraken took to Twitter.

After he distanced himself from the new Shiba Inu channel on Telegram, the Shiba Kraken in detail on Annoying with Chitoshi “Ultra Ego” Kusama:

“He's not even a developer. Let this be clear.. SHYTOSHI HAS NOTHING to do with Shibarium. That's Kaal, Eric and Xfund.”

After a brief period, Lead developer: Shitoshi Kusama They responded by shooting the Shiba Kraken. “I see they named the new Covid strain after you. Please stay away. I don’t want any Shibarium group problems. Thanks.”

Divide and conquer method for graying?

The heated discussions were around the Discord server and the official Subreddit for SHIB Token Most notably the brawl between Shytoshi Kusama and another prominent SHIB developer, Trophias. Part of the Unification xFund team, Trophias controls Discord for the Shiba Inu and plays a key role in the Shibarium’s encryption.

The fiery feud saw it come to a head when several members questioned the need for a new Telegram channel for SHIB. Later on, Chitoshi Kusama insists he wasn’t here to discuss his strategy. And reassure him that the old channel will not be deleted.

Kusama sends SHIB Queenie a package

Next to Trophias and ShibaKraken, SHIB Queenie is another well-known character in the SHIB army Goodbye kisses by Chitoshi Ultra Ego Kusama. The crypto influencer, who has 47,700 Twitter followers, posted A piece of digital art of a girl looking out the window on a starry night right after Kusama shows her the door.

In response, some members of Twitter encryption swipe Chitoshi Kusama for having a “paranoid personality”. They added that “his paranoia definitely helped.”

Finally, Lucy Sasenkova, one of the 100 Most Popular Crypto Influencers, took to Twitter to ask the SHIB Army if the enigmatic Shytoshi Kusama should remain the Shiba Inu’s head of development.

In the end, 92% voted Chitoshi Kusama remain in the lead, while only 8% oppose it. “It must be the Discord gang,” said Ms. Sasenkova. Other members of Crypto Twitter have continually attacked SHIB Queenie and Trophias for “only caring about money.”

Shiba Inu has one of the largest and most active cryptocurrency communities.

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