Shiba Mobile: How to charge your phone with a Shiba Inu


  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) can now top up prepaid SIM cards.
  • Alpha Mobile App on Binance Marketplace announced support for USD SHIB.
  • It is pronounced Shiba Inu “The hottest memecoin of the day” by LunarCrush.

Blockchain technology solutions provider UQUID welcomed Shiba Inu (SHIB) fans from the future last weekend by including popular memecoin as a payment method. From now on, crypto enthusiasts from 160 countries can renew their prepaid mobile SIM cards on Alpha Mobile. Let’s look at how to access the app and charge your phone bill with $SHIB.

1. Access to the Binance marketplace

First, to find the Binance Marketplace, the user must access the More tab at the top right of the screen within the app. An expanded list of menu options will follow, as the user has to scroll down to the last section of the page ‘Others.’ From here we click ‘the shop’, The Alpha Mobile app is shown below ‘distinguished services’ to divide.

With the Instant Mobile Topup app downloaded, there are now 160 countries to choose from. Crypto enthusiasts can easily search for a suitable recharge plan from the required provider. These include prepaid mobile networks such as O2, Lyca, Vodafone, Giff Gaff, and more.

The next step will be to complete the mobile top-up by entering the destination – your mobile phone number. Next, check if your mobile operator is on the list, choose a suitable mobile top-up plan, and press Continue. Finally, choose File Shiba Inu (sheep) as a payment method and click “Confirm”.

2. Other portals for Alpha Mobile

The Alpha Mobile Instant Top Up app can also be found on marketplace and UQUID’s e-commerce site following similar steps. In fact, Alpha Mobile has more than 2,000 partners around the world, including both mobile service providers and institutional partners. Alpha Mobile managed Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to pay their gas and electricity bills in Sheep at certain locations.

After the news of the SHIB Token and Alpha Mobile partnership, the SHIB army rejoiced over the weekend. Meanwhile, blockchain social data analysts LunarCrush named Shiba Inu “The hottest memecoin of the day” Sunday.

Adoption of the Shiba Inu by a mainstream mobile service provider has helped achieve this social status. However, the hack They showed poor marks The divergence is bullish, with on-chain signals continuing at a negative 3:1 ratio. At the time of publication, the 16th ranked Shiba Inu (SHIB) dog coin has been changed hands. At $0.00000890according Queen Gekko. Despite the daily increase of 0.4%, SHIB stock is still trading below two major support lines lost in a row.

on the flip side

  • At the moment, there is no standalone mobile top-up app outside of Binance or
  • Due to location restrictions, the availability of Alpha Mobile top-ups can vary globally.

Why should you bother

Key corporate partnerships are pivotal to crypto adoption.

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