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SHIKOKU sees an opportunity as Vitalik Buterin sells SHIK tokens
  • Vitalik Buterin sold digital assets such as 50B MOPS, 9.9B CULT, and 5T SHIK.
  • Shikoku spoke on Twitter that they had asked Buterin to sell all of his stake in Check.
  • About 214EH was donated to the ETHDev Foundation by Buterin after selling 50% of his stake.

Vitalik Buterin’s influx of digital assets like 50 billion MOPS, 9.9 billion CULT, and 5 trillion SHIK has caught the attention of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts. SHIKOKU, a decentralized crypto project, addressed on Twitter and asked Buterin to sell all of the SHIK intended for him.

Approximately 214EH was donated to the ETHDev Foundation by Buterin after selling his 50% stake in SHIK. Meanwhile, Buterin kept the 164ETH he gained by selling the remaining SHIK. While some see it as a sign of a bearish signal, Shikoku was optimistic about their future.

As a community project, SHIKOKU reminds the community that selling Buterin means there are no whales in the project and they can fully focus on becoming a “truly decentralized community.” Shikoku states that it is decentralized and does not have a tax, thus, it could be the next meme currency in the crypto industry.

Explaining their commitment to society, Shikoku expressed:

Here at Shikoku we always put the community first. We have always worked for those who care about our vision the most.

Shikoku also states that it also anticipated this as a potential danger, and believes Buterin’s actions will be a blessing in disguise on its way to becoming “a true societal experiment in decentralization”. Currently, only the official SHIK is available on the net.

Buterin’s action comes as no surprise as many cryptocurrencies have fallen into the red after experiencing turmoil this week. Moreover, many cryptocurrency analysts and influencers have noted a rise in FUD across the community as the prices of those digital assets continue to drop. However, the crypto community remains confident and believes that this is just a current hindrance.

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