Shooter Game Superior by Gala Games is available on Steam, removing support for Web 3.0 technology

The highly anticipated co-op shooter from Gala Games, Superior, is up for grabs as an Early Access game on Steam, one of the world’s leading video game distribution services. Unlike previous play tests, players can now purchase the game from the Steam store and get instant access to download and play.

However, it is important to note that the Steam version will not support NFTs or other blockchain technology in view of the video game distributor. Policy prohibits the use of NFTs Or blockchain technology in games.

Steam launch of the Gala Games It aims to attract 120 million active users of the platform Create a community of players with a competitive co-op shooter. Although the Steam version of Gala Games may not support NFTs, players can still cross-play with other users.

Two different experiences?

Gala Games’ flagship shooter will be available as a Early access game on Steam Starting November 16th. The studio said the game would be fully playable, and no reset would occur prior to a wide open launch. at recent days blog postLater, the studio added that they would be removing core elements of the Web 3.0 game from the Steam version, such as support for NFTs and blockchain technology.

So it is important to note that although a reset did not occur before the public launch, the Gala Launcher, the original launcher for Gala Games, will not sync with the Steam version.

Later game developer added that the characters in each of these accounts will remain separate although players will be able to engage in cooperative play. However, in a previous blog post, the game studio hinted at the possibility of players moving from Steam to the original launcher.

In other news, the blockchain gaming leader has also released limited access to the game in conjunction with the Steam launch. Starting November 16th, Gala Games will give access to select players on the original game launcher as a gesture of appreciation. accounts with either Early access pass or The main character (Ronin PrimeAnd the Bedouin Chiefor head hum) can be applied to access the game on Gala launcher.

Moreover, Superior has recently been dropped for free Early access pass NFTs to The main character Owners before the game’s early access launch. The Early access pass NFT will allow players to play The main characters In the game, go to the higher level, and progress as usual.

Superior It is one of the most professional AAA caliber blockchain games to date. The game makes use of the crucial elements of strategic arcade shooter games, which attract millions of users in the field of traditional games. Superior’s launch on Steam is a big step for Gala Games, considering the platform holds an average of 30 million players each day. However, Gala Games’ decision to put an early access version of the game behind a paywall might seem questionable, considering that some of the best shooters are free. Moreover, the cost of Prime NFTs makes an unconvincing argument for traditional players to play the game.

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