Shumoos resigned in the elimination game. Expect huge changes in the season.


they quit.

This is probably the worst thing that can be said about the team, and somehow it seems too bland to describe the effort the Phoenix Suns Placed in a 125-100 Game 6 loss to Denver Nuggets.

The Suns suffered a solid loss at home in a second-round elimination game for the second consecutive season under head coach Monty Williams.

The crash throws everything into question. Will Williams stay on as coach? Will James Jones remain as general manager? The center will be infected Deender Eaton is traded?

Each shares some measure of blame for this outcome.

Williams couldn’t motivate his teammates in what should have been the biggest game of the season.

Jones traded a lot of present and future to get it Kevin Durant, a move that seems like an abject failure at the moment. Jones rounded out the Big Four, however Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton was hit, leaving the Suns without deep enough to break the Nuggets.

And Ayton sat with bruised ribs, the kind of injury that leads to questions about his heart and will.

The match ended at halftime.

The sun was down 81-51. The Suns gave up 81 points in the first half.

The Big 2, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, totaling 19 points on 6-for-23.

Denver Suite Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope He had 21 alone.

It was a reminder of last year when the Suns trailed the Mavericks 57-27 in the first half of Game 7 and guard Dallas. Luka Doncic He had 27 on his own.

The Suns didn’t play defense Thursday, allowing Denver to shoot nearly 62 percent in the first half.

They didn’t care about the ball, resulting in so many turnovers that bakers all over town worried about being put out of business.

And for anyone who thinks The Sun would be better off without DeAndre Ayton, Nikola Jokic He put up a 30-point triple-double, and I’m not sure he broke a sweat enough to need to shower after the game.

The first qualifier champion, Devin Booker, was not immune. In his first game after being snubbed to the All-NBA Team, Booker scored 12 points.

You have to imagine massive change coming.

Matt Ishpia didn’t spend billions of dollars to get out that way, did he?

His team quit. It’s the worst thing that can be said about a group of professional athletes, and somehow it just seems so cute.

This article originally appeared in the Arizona Republic: Shumoos resigned in the elimination game. Expect huge changes in the season.


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