Small Modular Reactors: Equity Capital, Financing, and Economic Feasibility

The new nuclear energy looks different, which requires new types of financing. There seem to be new investments and partnerships happening every day across the industry, including SK Group’s $250 million investment in Terrapower, and X-Energy’s partnership with Dow Chemical.

What can be done to encourage financial investment and improve the economic viability and return on investment for small and medium-sized businesses? How is new nuclear energy different, and how do we fund it?

Reuters’ latest Events report – Equity Capital, Financing and Feasibility for Small and Medium Enterprises – dives into the vehicles that will help provide financing to support SMRs and the deployment and commercialization of advanced reactors. What to expect from the report:

  • Expert insight into financing developments – analysis of new types of financing for small, medium-sized and advanced reactors, who they will help, and means of underwriting financing. Deep dive into how utilities can help with standardized publishing and licensing approaches
  • Securing financing for new nuclear energy: Providing financing is central to the commercialization of SMR. How can new forms of financing help startups that can move away from mere talk and toward signing deals?
  • “We need to see operators sign deals” – CNSC has 10 vendors in pre-design review, 2 of whom are proposing a design license for the model. SMR should be more monetizable and easier to license, but what are the barriers to operators putting pen to paper?

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