Smart Reply is disappearing from Google Voice almost a year after it was introduced

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  • Smart Reply disappeared from the Google Voice app.
  • The Google Play Store and App Store confirm that the feature has been removed.
  • Android still offers reply suggestions.

If you’re a heavy user of quick reply suggestions on Google Voice, we have some bad news for you. The Quick Reply feature has been removed from Google Voice on both android and iOS.

If you’re not familiar with Smart Reply, it’s a feature that provides up to three contextual responses to a message you just received. It usually appears right above the keyboard, allowing you to tap a response of your choice and be on your way. This is a feature that was introduced to Google Voices back in February 2022, almost a year ago. Now, the feature is gone from the app.

It seems that this is not a bug or other problem. On the application page in the file Play Store And app store, states that “Smart Reply is no longer supported”. As you can guess, this means that the removal of the feature was intentional.

Although the Smart Reply feature is no longer available in the app, Android owners will still see the feature as part of their notifications. This is because the Smart Reply feature is built into the Android system. Google probably saw this as redundant and thought there was no need for the app to also have a smart reply.

As a result, this development seems to harm iOS users more than Android users. Anyway, Smart Reply is still present in a bunch of other Google apps including Google Messages, Gmail, and Google Docs.

Do you think Google should have kept Smart Reply in the Google Voice app? Let us know in the comments below.

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