Snoop Dogg’s New Album BODR Revitalizes Music NFTs by CoinEdition

Snoop Dogg’s new album BODR revamps music NFTs
  • Snoop Dogg has released an NFT collection with his latest album, BODR
  • BODR is Snoop’s first album since his acquisition of Death Row Records in February 2022.
  • Snoop is one of the pioneering music artists who entered the field of cryptography.

Legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg’s latest album, BODR, has reinvigorated blockchain technology in mainstream entertainment. The NFT Collection released alongside, the album expresses the artist’s consistency in engaging with the evolving industry powered by technology.

BODR, which stands for “Bacc On Death Row,” is Snoop’s first album after acquiring Death Row Records, a music label founded in 1991. Snoop purchased the record label in February 2022, prior to his famous performance at the Super Bowl with other veterans. in the industry.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Death Row Records has released an exclusive set of NFTs. The pool, whose holders become members of the Death Row Crypto Club, includes seven unique NFTs. The first three are formed by BTC, ETH, and CRO. It features three iconic death row inmates. The remaining four are collaborations between acclaimed NFT artist, Tilla Vision, and Death Row.


Snoop Dogg’s new album BODR Renews Vibe in Music NFTs debuted in Coin Edition.

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