Splinterlands to reduce team size by 45%, points in current market conditions

Splinterlandsone of the most played Play to Earn (P2E) games, has been confirmed On Thursday, it said it was laying off 45% of its employees given the current market conditions. The NFT-based strategy card game distanced itself from Epic FTX, claiming it had no money on exchanges or services at risk, and had no debt or use of leverage.

The Hearthstone Unfortunately competitor subscriber that the value of its cryptocurrency holdings has dropped dramatically. This shortened her available runway and forced her to cut corners. In addition, the amount of revenue that Splinterlands could generate was also hurt by the growing chaos in the market.

What is being stored for the future?

Splinterlands has supposedly built up a long runway of money, consisting of fiat and crypto assets, to pay for its roadmap. The card-based game developer recently announced its latest addition, Defense towerfor mobile users and has made a lot of buzz around his upcoming title.

However, due to fear-driven and uncertain market conditions, Splinterlands had to tear the bandage and make tough decisions. In response to unfortunate events, Blackjack to Win shifts its focus toward delivering on its promises to society.

Splinterlands, in her blog postHowever, it said it wouldn’t be releasing any new games or pre-sales for the foreseeable future, and instead was prioritizing work on its updated roadmap for 2023. Fortunately, Splinterlands wouldn’t be putting Tower Defense on hold and other games it had. I promised earlier this yearAnd stick to his word.

Here’s what Spliterland’s updated roadmap for 2023 will include:

  • Earth
  • Ronnie
  • Defense tower
  • insurgency
  • SPS verification contract
  • New player experience
  • Game updates and rewards
  • DEC laundries and coupons
  • Training League: Goals

Splinterlands stated that with this restructuring, along with a planned capital increase, it could better position itself, and not worry about running out of runway. Splinterlands aims to focus on putting things on the table that will bring tremendous value to its ecosystem and community in the long term.

Splinterlands shared a concrete idea to finally push to new heights in the future thanks to its community. Furthermore, the studio has suggested that the community is free to sell its assets, as some people may see the restructuring as a reason to give up their assets. However, Splinterlands later added that it was confident of emerging from the bear market and global recession to build better products and deliver value to its community.

The demise of Splinterlands might seem questionable, considering they’re so high on the leaderboards. The restructuring may cause people to worry about the project and the Web 3.0 gaming space in general. Looking at the uncertain market conditions, we can see more Web 3.0 game company layoffs.

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