Square Enix reveals 10,000 NFTs for Web3 Game Symbiogenesis

  • Square Enix has released a trailer for their upcoming NFT game Symbiogenesis.
  • The gaming giant reveals details about the game.

Web3 games are still waiting for their breakthrough moment, as AAA developers play their interest in the sector. It was Square Enix Especially my voice about its NFT plans but has come under scrutiny in the wake of the recent news that CEO Yosuke Matsuda will be leaving the company.

leave web3 aficionado CEO Leaving many unsure about the gaming giant’s NFT plan. but, after confirmation It will continue with its blockchain strategy, the Final Fantasy The developers have revealed plans for their upcoming title, Symbiogenesis.

Another fairy tale?

Square Enix has officially released the first trailer for its upcoming NFT-based title, Symbiogenesis. According to the 44-second trailer, the game could feature a high fantasy storyline considering the excerpts of floating continents full of magic zones and more.

While the brief trailer doesn’t share much about what’s in the game, Square Enix has described the game as a “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment” on the official Symbiogenesis website. website.

In addition, the gaming giant has confirmed that its upcoming title will contain around 10,000 collectible NFT artwork, which will have “real game utility.” The NFTs will feature unique in-game characters with “different races and professions”.

Sets of NFTs will be sold as each of the game’s six main chapters, contributing to the story, is revealed. Users who purchase NFTs can use them as profile pictures and progress in the game.

On the official website, Square Enix has the subscriber Players can complete all chapters of the story without owning any NFT characters. However, those who own a character NFT can get a benefit such as access to unique stories, additional XP points, character recurrences, and exclusive NFT art when clearing missions.

How did we get here?

Square Enix first announced its upcoming NFT game, Symbiogenesis, in November 2022. The publishers touted the game as “the first digital collectible art project designed from the ground up for Web3 fans.”

Symbiogenesis will be the gaming giant’s first significant attempt to integrate NFTs into its existing software.

On February 15, 2023, the creator of Final Fantasy partnered with Polygon to launch Symbiogenesis. The title will leverage Polygon to offer players fast, secure and sustainable transactions. Moreover, the gaming giant is looking to take advantage of the thriving ecosystem of the network.

Square Enix expects to release its highly anticipated title along with other projects in 2023, As I promised In the annual letter sent by CEO Matsuda on December 31, 2022.

on the flip side

  • Square Enix The first set of NFTs It celebrated the 25th anniversary of the game’s groundbreaking title, Final Fantasy VII.

Why should you bother

Square Enix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most successful game companies in the industry. The gaming giant’s attempt to integrate NFTs into its games is a significant achievement for the industry.

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