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Star Atlas announces the Golden Era Start sequence
  • Star Atlas (NYSE:) announced the launch of the Golden Era Start Sequence, which will bring many features to the game.
  • Players will also be able to access the first part of the game guide for the game console in-browser, focusing on the economic aspects of the game.

Star Atlas announces the launch of the Golden Era Start Sequence. Through an official blog post, the team has summarized all the recent additions to the game on November 19, 2022.

From Titan Ship Sales to private ship sales, stock sales, and the sale of land and housing for the central space station, players can expect plenty of new additions to the game.

The sequence of the beginning of the golden age and its course

In the Golden Era Start Sequence, players can expect many sales. First, there’s the Titan Ship Sale, three giant ships under a limited-time diminishing discount program.

Then there’s Special Ship Sales, a unique collection of ships that will also be sold under a diminishing discount program for a limited time. Those who already own these assets will receive another ship as an airdrop.

Source: official announcement

This is followed by Claim Share Sales, which features all necessary assets. These include claim stakes, mining drills, power plants, and others for use in mining operations after the mainnet is launched.

Land and housing sales at the Central Space Station are last on the list. This relates to the sale of claims to a portion of residential plots within central space stations.

ATMTA and its priorities

ATMTA is the main developer behind Star Atlas. Their primary focus will be to reach three main goals in the near future, including obtaining a Foundation Grant, along with expansion and interoperability with many other blockchains.

These include Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains and their entire ecosystems. The team will also focus on high-level discussions with various venture capital firms, crypto funds, and games.

There are also discussions about how a decentralized autonomous Star Atlas Organization (DAO) could play a more active role in stabilizing the economy.

Source: Golden Age (SAGE) Official Game Guide

During the announcement, the team also released the first section of their Golden Era (SAGE) game guide. It offers a detailed look at the upcoming game and its mechanics.

The result was a method implemented in the game in which players could earn NFTs through their spacecraft.

The guide details the transition from SCORE to SAGE, resource crafting, mining, resource management, combat, leveling up, and more on how players interact with the universe.

on the flip side

  • Star Atlas aims to be a next-generation gaming metaverse that utilizes the original real-time graphics technology of Unreal Engine 5 to provide cinematic-quality gameplay that utilizes Solana Blockchain as a means of integrating technology into the game. However, Solana gained a reputation as a repeat offender network instability.

Why should you bother

Most blockchain-based games usually have token-based 2D graphics or simplified 3D graphics, which fall short of the AAA level found in most mainstream games developed by multi-billion dollar companies.

Star Atlas aims to be one of the first games to use blockchain technology and bring a cinematic experience to players who want to take advantage of Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanisms.

With this huge update, we’re likely to see the game make a huge dent in the crypto space and create a new standard. A standard that future developers will need to live up to in terms of graphical fidelity in blockchain games.

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