Starbucks’ Web3 platform drops its first set of NFTs, Siren Collection

  • Starbucks Odyssey has released its first set of limited edition NFTs.
  • The coffee company has sold all 2,000 NFTs.

Coffee giant Starbucks has been brewing its Web3 debut for some time, and people have been queuing up for things other than the viral pink coffee. The multinational coffee company has released its first batch of limited-edition NFTs.

People were quick to write their names at NF-Teas’ request. So quickly that the set sold out faster than you could order your morning coffee. Interestingly, there was no coffee included.

Coffee not included

Starbucks’ web3 loyalty program saw its move into the major leagues with its first paid collection on March 9, 2023. The coffee giant previously offered free NFTs called Stamps to invitees from its loyalty program, Odyssey.

Certified members had to complete activities such as quizzes and in-store purchases. Upon completion, users can collect and sell their NFTs elegant portal.

Interestingly, Starbucks’ free NFT collection has seen impressive numbers in secondary sales generating more than $170,000 in turnover. It seems the coffee giant has taken notice and released its first set of limited edition NFTs called the Siren Collection.

The set included 2,000 NFTs dressed in the company’s famous Siren for $100 apiece. Loyalty program members can purchase up to two stamps with their credit cards or MetaMask wallets.

However, at launch, the official mint site got more traffic than it bargained for, slowing it down and causing people to cramp more than their coffee. Despite the issues, the set sold out within an impressive 18 minutes, with the base price of the Siren Stamp rising to $445, according to elegant portal.

on the flip side

  • Free Starbucks NFTs from the Holiday Cheer Journey collection are worth more than $1,500.
  • Rivals like Adidas, Gamestop, and Taco Bell are beating out Starbucks in the race to NFTs.

Why should you bother

Starbucks has more than 31,000 stores worldwide. According to its statistics, 60 million people are served every week in those stores. The coffee giant’s numbers could push web3 into mainstream adoption.

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