Steam’s annual Fall Sale aims to keep you entertained over the holidays

Something small: Valve’s annual Steam Autumn Sale is on display with an abundance of deals to keep players entertained through the holidays and beyond. From now until November 29, you can get discounts on tens of thousands of games across nearly every genre through Valve’s digital distribution platform.

Front page highlights include a 75 percent discount eternal torment85 percent complete Tekken 7 And a whopping 90% off Sid Meier Civilization VI.

Sports fans might be interested in taking over FIFA 23 At 40% off in celebration of the ongoing World Cup in Qatar. Return 4 bloodthe co-op first-person shooter from the creators of the Left 4 Dead series, can be had for $19.79 after an immediate 67 percent price reduction.

Steam’s promotional video featured several other games for sale including big names like Hitman 3 65 and a half percent off Cyberpunk 2077 movie. cat simulator stray 20 percent off, as well as the game of survival V heightand you can get the early access version of illness For $17.99 thanks to a 40 percent price cut.

Valve is also now accepting nominations for the upcoming Steam Awards. There are nearly a dozen categories this time around including a new section for games you love to play on mobile devices. Categories include:

  • The best game on the go
  • game of the year
  • VR Game of the Year
  • labor of love
  • Better with friends
  • The most innovative game
  • A great game full of stories
  • Best game sucks (no offense)
  • Great visual style
  • Best soundtrack
  • Sit back and relax

Those interested in participating can lock their entries directly from the Store page or head to the Steam Awards nomination center. The top five nominees from each category will be revealed in the run-up to the Steam Winter Sale, at which time you’ll be able to vote on them through to the end of this sale on January 3rd.

Are you going to buy anything during the fall sale? I recently got a file Sega Genesis Mini 2 And I’ve been exploring Sega CD games that I never got to visit as a kid. Between that, our annual turkey fry contest and the requisite viewing of planes, trains, and automobiles, Thanksgiving is well booked for me.

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