Steve Kerr claims the Dynasty Trio of Warriors still has juice for years to come


Kerr believes the Warriors’ big three still have plenty of tanks appeared in the original NBC Sports Bayara

Steve Kerr didn’t give the Warriors’ dynastic trio one last chance to train with any idea and thinks the three still have a lot in the tank.

Join the Warriors coach 95.7 “Willard and Dibs” for the game on Tuesday for discussion Golden StateThree games to one Western Conference Semifinal series deficit to Los Angeles Lakers Asked if he had considered the possibility of coaching Steph Curry, Clay Thompson And Draymond Green For the last time if the Warriors were to lose any of the three remaining potential matches as they looked to avoid elimination.

“No, it never crossed my mind,” Kerr said confidently. “I played on those [Chicago] bulls The difference, “The Last Dance,” I can tell you from experience, though now everyone is saying “Why didn’t they keep this team together?” This team is over, this team is over. Emotionally and mentally, there is nothing left in the tank. I don’t feel that way about this team at all, I think these guys, Steve, Clay, Draymond, have a lot to give for years to come. I never stopped to think about that again.”

The Warriors, both short and long term, still have plenty in the tank. All four of Curry, Thompson, Green, and Andrew Wiggins She scored over 37 minutes on the field in a Warriors game Game 4 Lakers loss Monday nightwith Thompson (41) and Curry (41) eclipsing 40 minutes each.

With a day off on Tuesday, the Warriors decided to cancel their morning shootout before the game on Wednesday, giving their players extra rest in the pivotal Game 5 at Chase Center.

“It’s not sustainable for more than 82 games, of course, but when the playoffs come around, these guys are in incredible shape and we make sure that every second they spend between games is spent preparing for the next game, looking after their bodies, getting off their feet,” Kerr explained. “These guys are resting today and we won’t have a shootout tomorrow morning so they’ll have a good 48 hours between games. By the time game five starts tomorrow they’ll have all the energy they need.”

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The Warriors will definitely need everything they can get their hands on as they look to win 3 straight games and Complete The Improbable Return.

However, if Golden State’s season ends, Kerr is confident his Hall-of-Fame trio will be back to contend for another championship next season.

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