Strong Brand Strategy: The Winning Items

In a competitive world, only the best manage to stay on top of consumers’ minds. That’s why it’s important to focus on how shoppers perceive your brand. Given that retail is an industry with many direct and indirect competitors, brands need to find their voice and know how to share it with their customers.

In this article, we will focus on the elements that create a strong brand. We’ll also provide tips on how to use these elements to create a branding strategy that helps your customers remember your brand.

What is the brand strategy?

Brand strategy is a comprehensive approach that shows how the company will present itself to the target audience. Goal Trademarks It is to help the company be unforgettable in the eyes of shoppers. Also, a great brand strategy can improve brand loyalty, customers satisfactionand sales. However, the main objective of the brand strategy is to create a great impression and connect the brand and the consumers.

Why is it important to develop a brand strategy?

“You could have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, what’s the point of it?” Phil Knight, President of Nike Inc.

Before the product came with the brand, without a strong branding strategy, no one would remember your brand or products. A brand strategy helps you connect with the right customers and create strong relationships. When customers perceive your brand as a person, you’ve done it right.

Statistics also show the importance of implementing a strong brand strategy. 59% of shoppers would rather buy from brands they trust, and 21% say they bought a new product because it’s from a brand they love.

A brand is much more than a simple logo or name. While these are important and are the ones that customers remember first, there are some elements that a branding strategy needs to focus on.

Elements of a winning brand strategy

Before you start creating your brand strategy, it’s important to understand these elements and put them together.

Brand Essence

As its name indicates, the brand essence is the most important part of any branding strategy. The brand core consists of the brand’s core beliefs, purpose, values, and most importantly, the brand story. To know the essence of the brand, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why does this brand exist?
  • What is more important to the brand?
  • What does this brand symbolize?
  • How does this brand distinguish itself?

This is the element that provokes contact with the customer. More and more shoppers expect brands to be built on strong values ​​and take action to make the world a better place. Customers are willing to “pay” brands for it. 89% of shoppers remain loyal to brands that share their values.

Brand story

A brand story is the narrative a brand uses to share its core values, principles, and goals. This is the time Storytelling Come out to play and engage shoppers.

As mentioned earlier, customers want to establish a connection with a brand, and without the brand story, this is not possible.

One of the best brand stories is that of P&G. They market their brand as the “Proud Patron of Mothers.” Most of their ads and commercial campaigns contained this slogan, which managed to evoke emotions. After all, who doesn’t love a brand that supports moms?

Brand message

Herein lies the essence of the brand, its brand voice and personality. Brand voice consists of the messages and tone that the brand uses on all marketing channels to deliver a message.

Depending on the types of products you sell, a file the target audience, and brand essence, you can find the brand voice that works for you. There are many brands that are recognized by their voice because they have been able to find one that evokes emotion.

commercial personality

Brand “personality” is the emotion your brand evokes in people. How do customers perceive your brand? Is your brand the funny and reliable old friend or Environmentally friendlyGirl looking for vitality? Of course, every shopper will have a different perception of your brand as it depends on their personal experiences and emotions.

Brand personality combines all the above elements. That’s why it’s important to discover them all and find a way to share them with shoppers.

Other important elements that are part of a brand’s message include value proposition, tone of voice, and pillars of messaging.

The visual identity of the brand

Visual identity is important to a brand, especially for a FMCG company. The visual identity of the brand can be seen in even the smallest details, such as the font used on a bottle of soda sold by that brand.

Choose the color of the brand

There are a few elements and colors that most brands use due to the symbolism behind them. For example, red indicates passion or anger. However, when used on labels or packaging, this color manages to grab attention immediately. Think about how many brands use red or have incorporated this color into their visual identity. Coca-Cola, Red-Bull, and Nescafe are just a few of the FMGC products that have included this color in their logo and design.

Another common color used in the retail industry is yellow. Aside from being a symbol of optimism and happiness, yellow (and orange) can increase hunger. This is why yellow is used in many fast food brands such as McDonald’s and Subway.

Since green retailing and sustainability have been hot topics, many brands have started incorporating green in their packaging. Green brands use brands that want to market their products as bio, eco-friendly or healthy options. Shoppers looking for healthier or better diet options will look for products with green labels or packaging.

Let customers know your brand

Allow shoppers to discover the “essence” of your brand. You need to find the brand voice that aligns with your values ​​and share the brand story that can embed your visual identity. By combining all these elements, your brand will be at the top of the shoppers’ interest.

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