Sui Launchpad SuiPad partners with Kairon Labs to improve liquidity


  • SuiPad is the first decentralized launch platform on the Sui Network.
  • Kairon Labs SuiPad will help improve liquidity, among other things.
  • SuiPad has raised $1.15 million from various investors.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, launching a new project can make or break it in the future. The launch process is becoming increasingly complex, with projects facing issues such as time-consuming token sales, lack of information about IDO projects, and token prices dropping below the IDO price.

SuiPad, which has just partnered with Kairon Labs to improve liquidity on its launch pad, aims to solve these issues and more by providing a community-focused launch pad for innovative blockchain startups on the go. but network.

SuiPad partners with Kairon Labs to improve liquidity

Kairon Labs, one of the early investors in the SuiPad, has announced its partnership with the newly released launch pad.

Kairon Labs will support the SuiPad ecosystem by providing liquidity for launchpad projects, ensuring a seamless trading experience for market participants. It will also help reduce price volatility and increase market efficiency.

Jens Willemen, managing partner at Kairon Labs, said it will benefit SuiPad platform projects and participants, as it will increase trading volume and liquidity, resulting in a better trading experience.

“Our partnership with SuiPad is also geared towards our common commitment to the growth and development of the Sui Ecosystem. We hope that this collaboration represents a significant step towards achieving this goal by providing innovative solutions that support the success of Sui-based projects.”

DoIs it in the SuiPad?

SuiPad is the first decentralized launch platform on the Sui network, offering a customized launch experience with strategic token launch models, time slots, accepted token types, and auction algorithms.

For launch pad participants, SuiPad provides a fair rewards distribution mechanism that combines level-based and lottery allocation, while holding a guarantee of project funds to protect investors’ principal capital.

SuiPad recently revealed the next three phases for its launch this year. These include:

Second quarter 2023:

  • SuiPad on the Mainnet
  • SUIP IDO $
  • staking SuiPad pool and shield
  • First batch of IDO (4 projects)

Third quarter 2023:

  • SuiTank Season 1 Production (8 episodes)
  • SuiTank first season to air
  • The second batch of IDO (8 projects)
  • The first cohort of the SuiPad Incubation Program

Fourth quarter 2023:

  • The first cohort of the SuiPad Academy
  • The second cohort of the SuiPad nursery
  • The third batch of IDO (8 projects)

SuiPad also recently raised $1.15 million from NGC Venturres, GBV Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Rarestone Capital, Kernel Ventures, Kairon Labs, NewTribe Capital, Moonrock Capital, and others.

on the flip side

  • Sui is a new blockchain that has not yet gained much interest from users. Furthermore, there has recently been controversy over Sui not airdropping its tokens for early users.

Why should you bother

Launchpads are great for starting someone’s life or helping them launch their own startup.

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