Suns minority owner calls for Robert Sarver’s resignation

Suns vice chairman and minority owner Jahm Najafi wrote an open letter to the organization calling on Robert Sarver to step down after Suns and Mercury owner received a year-long suspension for workplace misconduct.

in a letter Obtained by Duane Rankin from AZCentralAl-Nujaifi, the owner of the second largest stake in the team, touched on the results of the league’s investigation into Sarfer’s behavior before calling for his resignation from the club. The NBA announced on Tuesday Can Sarver Suspended and fined $10 million After it came down You have consistently behaved inappropriately towards employees He has made racist and sexually abusive comments towards employees among other obscenities over the past 18 years.

“I cannot, in good judgment, allow our children and future generations of fans to think that such behavior is permissible because of wealth and privilege,” Najafi wrote. “Therefore, in accordance with my commitment to help eradicate any form of racism, sexism and prejudice, as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Suns, I am calling for the resignation of Robert Sarver. Although I am not interested in becoming a Managing Partner, I will tirelessly to ensure that the next team host treats all stakeholders with dignity, professionalism and respect.”

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