SushiSwap’s Jared Gray Unveils ’10x Market Share’ Plan

  • The chef at SushiSwap announced ambitious goals for 2023, including becoming a market-leading platform with user-centric features.
  • The platform plans to launch a DEX aggregation router in the first quarter of 2023 to increase exchange volumes and fees and improve the overall user experience.
  • SushiSwap aims to focus on scalability and sustainability in order to “reinvent” the future of the platform.

SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), announced its goals for 2023 on January 16, 2023, via Chef Jared Grays CM.

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SushiSwap’s new initiatives to “Revitalize SushiSwap” will focus on scalability and sustainability. Gray’s ad further stated: “By implementing our vision, we intend to increase our market share by 10 times in 2023.”

The platform’s unveiled roadmap for 2023 Includes the following items:

  1. positioning Sushi As a community-focused DEX market leader across theDeep liquidity, perfect pricing, sustainable tokens” and an easy-to-use platform.
  2. Launch of a DEX aggregation router to increase exchange volume and fees by leveraging SushiSwap’s trident network Propose a new symbolic model.
  3. Maintaining a decentralized organizational structure to enhance product independence through best principles such as “self-guarding, fair governance, and unlicensed trading”.
  4. Implementation of newly optimized tokens, improved liquidity, sustainability, community ownership, and DAO Treasury diversification.
  5. Launching Sushi Studios as a decentralized incubator will allow independently funded projects to use the Sushi brand and support the growth of the ecosystem without draining the DAO treasury.

The platform will promote deep integration with its network partners as part of these efforts. It will provide them with fair listing on SushiSwap DEX to help make it the exchange of choice for new token launches. ashen It also states that the platform has taken measures to secure its “runway for multi-year operations”.

Through shattered looking glass

DEX contains a file tumultuous date Since its launch in September 2020. The platform was initially created as a fork Uniswap To create a decentralized, community-driven exchange.

Since then, the project has It struggled to regain market share In the DEX space and community confidence after a series of controversies. These include the sudden departure of the project’s original lead developer, Chef Nomiafter he “removed the liquidity from the SUSHI/ETH pool and sold it for 17,971 ETH.”

on the flip side

  • The platform currently captures only 2% of the automated market maker (AMM) market and 0% of the aggregator market.
  • Achieving a 10x increase in market share in 2023 is ambitious, given the current competitive market.
  • Given the turbulent history of SushiSwap, The community remains skeptical On implementing Jared Gray’s “10x” vision.

Why should you bother

The successful implementation of the 2023 roadmap aims to transform SushiSwap As a force to be reckoned with among decentralized exchanges. The demand for reputable platforms is growing, which could dramatically change the current crypto landscape.

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