Tablets for sale: iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Fire tablets, and more

A slew of discounted tablets are available across multiple retailers this weekend. Our top picks are below:

Tablets are packed with a certain kind of tech gadget: They’re more powerful than your average smartphone, and more portable than your laptop or PC. While tablets have the best of both worlds, there are plenty of options to choose from these days, some in the sub-$100 range and some in the over $1,000 range. (We’re looking at you, Apple.) Lucky for you, a slew of tablets are on sale across multiple retailers this weekend, with discounts of up to 71% off.

Best iPad deal

Why we love it

Open-box deals are a great way to get a desirable device on the cheap. Except for the open sealing and some light impurities, you can get a semi-new product with a big discount. Walmart is now offering an open box Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch (Wi-Fi, 7th generation) priced at $299.99 or 40% off MSRP. And there’s no need to break the bank to buy any accessories — the tablet packs a protective case and tempered glass to keep out scratches, plus a Bluetooth headset, stylus, and fast charger. The tablet comes with Apple’s famous Retina display for optimal viewing performance, support for 1080p video recording, automatic image stabilization, and body and face detection. Moreover, 10 hours of battery power on a full charge is enough to stream high quality videos as well as get some work done. While it certainly isn’t Apple’s most powerful tablet at the moment, it will satisfy all your daily needs at a very affordable price.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet deal

Why we love it

If you own an old Apple, Google, or Samsung smartphone, or even a tablet that needs an update, you can trade it in for a brand new one. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab). Trading in a device that works, whether in great condition or even with a few cracks, guarantees you the A8 Tab at a whopping 71% off, plus some trade-in credit that makes your next Samsung purchase even cheaper. The tablet’s 10.5-inch screen, fast-charging USB-C port and 128GB storage capacity can meet most of your daily needs. Deal provides 2 months free YouTube Premium (new customers only) and access to over 160 channels via Samsung TV for free. You’re unlikely to find a tablet that offers an octa-core processor and up to 1TB of expandable storage at this price point, so this deal is not to be missed. And in case you don’t have a trade-in device, you can still get $60 off for a limited time.

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Best deal Microsoft Surface Pro

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is a laptop with a 12.3-inch screen and an excellent resolution of 2736 x 1824 that helps you view more content at once and also enhances your video streaming experience. With 1080p video recording resolution, nearly two full days of battery life, and blazing-fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, the days of searching for a workstation are coming to an end. Neck cracks can be avoided with the adjustable stand, while the charging port and USB-C and USB-A ports arrive to save the day if you run low on battery life. The icing on the cake is a black keyboard that turns your tablet into a powerful laptop, which comes bundled at no extra cost.

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Best Fire tablet deal

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Whether you’re looking for an entry-level tablet as an emergency work backup or even a gift for the kids that comes with the right parental controls, the Fire HD hits all the right notes. The price of the tablet is down to $104.99 on Amazon, which is just $10 more than its all-time low. Fire HD 10 was It was named “most affordable tablet” by Mashable shopping reporter Leah Stoddart With its Full HD display, ample storage, and hands-free usage options by connecting to Amazon Alexa. With an efficient octa-core processor, improved brightness over previous Fire Tablet iterations, and 12 hours of battery life, this device can help you do tasks like browsing, streaming, and more comfortably. Moreover, proper safety controls and highly durable screen glass make this tablet safe enough to share with your kids.

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