TAD rejects Barcelona’s appeal after sending Jesse in the Copa de la Reina

The Administrative Tribunal for Spanish Sport (TAD) rejected Barcelona’s appeal against their expulsion from this season’s Copa de la Reina.

It was Barcelona They were kicked out at first out of the competition despite their 9-0 win over Osasuna in the round of 16 after it was ruled that they fielded an ineligible player, Jesse.

After the match, in which Jessie scored the fourth goal, Osasuna lodged an official complaint with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) stating Jessie should have been suspended due to the suspension she picked up in last season’s competition while playing. her former club.

Last season, Jesse, who played for the Madrid football club, was sent off after picking up the second yellow in the competition. Then the Brazilian moved to Barcelona in the summer transfer window.

But the Spanish rules state that Geyse still needs to observe a red card suspension, with the official rules stating: “When the competition has ended or the club concerned has been eliminated and the match suspension remains in effect, the penalty will be carried out in the following season. No matter what If the sanctioned player changes clubs or division.

The TAD ruling is identical to that of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which means that if Barcelona wants to pursue further action, they will have to go to the regular courts.

The club argues that Geyse’s penalty did not appear on the RFEF website prior to the match.

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