Taliban ban PUBG and TikTok in Afghanistan for being violent and immoral

What is this nonsense?! In what seems a somewhat hypocritical decision, the hard-line Taliban will ban PUBG: Battlegrounds in Afghanistan for the next three months. the reason? The game is accused of “promoting violence” and “misleading young people”.

The ban is one of several the Taliban have implemented since they returned to power in Afghanistan in August last year after the collapse of the US-backed government and the withdrawal of US forces. Music, movies, TV series, channels and more than 23 million websites have been blocked due to their “immoral content”.

The decision to ban PUBG and TikTok was announced in April because they lead Afghanistan’s youth “astray”. PCGamer It indicates that the recent meeting between the Afghan Ministry of Communications, a Sharia law enforcement official, and security representatives resulted in the decision to implement the PUBG ban within the next 90 days, while TikTok will be banned within a month.

Telecom and internet service providers in the country have been told to ensure that access to apps – PUBG’s ban is mainly aimed at its mobile version – is restricted during the respective periods.

TikTok and PUBG have become increasingly popular lately due to the Taliban’s ban on other forms of entertainment, ironically. BBC Notes Nearly two-thirds of Afghanistan’s 39 million people are aged 25 or younger. About 100,000 concurrent players logged into PUBG at the beginning of the year, resulting in the emergence of moral panic in the country.

Afghanistan is not the only country that bans these apps. PUBG and TikTok were two of hundreds of apps India forbidden in 2020 because of their connections to China. The government said the apps were “engaged in activities affecting the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, state security and public order”. Pakistan has also banned PUBG for being addictive and bad for kids, while fans in China are getting a sanitized version of the giant Battle Royale game called peace game.

As with bans in other countries, expect VPNs to suddenly increase in popularity in Afghanistan once the ban is implemented.

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