Terra Luna Classic (LUNC): Behind Burn Narrative

But what is recurring is him to praise Do Kwon, one of Interpol’s most wanted. LuncDao does not agree with the charges and claims to do so FTXSam Bankman-Fried was the mastermind behind the Terra (LUNA) protocol crash.

From time to time, LuncDao gets into public fights with fat mananother anonymous member of the community who aims to bring justice to TFL victims.

Fatman, a former large investor in LUNA who lost up to 40% of his savings, runs an influential Terra-focused Twitter account dedicated to exposing scams.

His critical posts, incl the one About Kun Do Kwon is a sociopath who has raised cruelty interaction From LuncDao, who blamed Fatman hired by Alamedathe sister company of Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto exchange.

The highly controversial account supports Edward Kim and Zaradar who plan to take over Terra Classic Development and revival of USTC.

Burning cryptocurrency isn’t enough to revive Terra Classic

At the time of this writing, it was valuable Terra Classic $1.07 billion, while the total supply is close to $5.96 trillion. if it was Cryptocurrency Burning speed continues at the same levels as now, and the goal can only be achieved after more than 72 years.

despite of common combo burn Terra Classic Community members agree that copying its token is not enough to revive the network. Cremation doesn’t add long-term value, hmm Say; The only way to create it is by creating the widget on encryption network. Accordingly, they claim that auditors are currently the main issue for the network’s future.

like community members confirmedmany of its auditors currently rely on Terra Luna 2.0.2 Update At the same time they use Terra Classic To vote on governance and earn rewards to continue building over the forked blockchain.

The community is worried that LUNA will finally focus Terra Classic Protocol validators will control the network and leave no room for its builders to have any influence.

as an alternative narrative of post-crash revitalization encryption They mentioned a possible re-peg with TerraClassicUSD (USTC), the algorithm stablecoin from the network.

USTC is currently trading at $0.02291 And it has more than 9.8 billion rolling supplywhich means that even $0.1 re-engagement requires billions of investments.

In addition, more than 85% of USTC supplies are in the hands of the top 100 owners. This leaves just over 14% of the total supply supported by new capital.

Finally, another narrative emerges from the merger Terra Classic with a fork Terra Luna 2.0.2 Update. The latter is the most controversial, as it means returning with a team that once abandoned protocol.

Eight months after the collapse of Terra (Luna), Terra Classic Coin holders are still dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophic event. Once abandoned TerraForm parameter and its loyal founders Cryptocurrency Investors have not yet returned to a safe place.

On the contrary, the Terra Luna Classic Society continues to live in a landscape full of influential players whose true interests remain undisclosed.

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